Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Does niacin clear weed out of your system at all??

If not what will?

Does niacin clear weed out of your system at all??
Not at all.... neither does vitamin c. The only thing is to flush with lots of fluids (doesn't need to be done days in advance either... ) start drinking a lot of water - that is your best bet - about 4 hours prior to the test. To color the water, take vitamin B complex (not sure which is the specific B that causes the yellow, but the complex covers them all.. get like 1,000% RDA and only take one - again, about 3-4 hours prior to the test. Pee before the test - at least twice... (you will have to if you drank enough water ;)

If you are a HEAVY smoker or REALLY want to over due it... drink coffe and other diaretic fluids (cranberry etc). This will cause your body to attempt to dehydrate - basically sucks the fluids out of you and it is these older fluids that contain the THC byproduct that they are testing for....

There are diaretic prescription meds (furosimide and others) that a normal or double dose will help speed the process of ridding your body of those old contaminated fluids...

The THC byproducts get stored in your fat and slowly release into your urine - days/weeks/months - the flushing with water will reduce the amount detected in your pee by diluting your pee... It is EASY to pass the test if you do the above... check out norml.com...

Get a pot test kit at your pharmacy for about $14 (us) and do the test yourself if you have doubts (the test gives you results AT HOME in about 15 minutes...)

I promise you it'll work... and if you take it and you pass the home test, you will pass the lab test....

Hair and blood tests are a COMPLETELY different story.... much harder to pass, but there are ways to try.
Reply:No and nothing except time.

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