Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How do i clear weed out dont say dont smoke?

I need to know how to clear my pee and plez dont say your stupid for smoken r should never smoke because to each as there own

How do i clear weed out dont say dont smoke?
TWO WORDS: CRANBERYY JUICE! This **** will clean you out in a few days but drink gallons of this ****. Also, go to a vitamin store because they have De-Tox kits that you can take. Dont worry about it. Also if you are having a test, you might wanna score some of your friends piss.

good luck
Reply:Drink plenty of water!

If you didn't smoke weed (which is ILLEGAL BTW) you wouldn't have to worry about passing a test. Oh if it's a hair sample test you are fu*ked because there is no cleaing that out.
Reply:i smoked for about 25 yrs. all these answers are what i used to do, but it depends on a lot of things. thc, the active ingredient in weed gets stored in the fat cells of the body, so water doesn't actually clear it out it just makes the test to weak which can buy you some time for a retest. i tried all these de-tox products and got some home testing kits and nothing worked but time. my system was stained from smoking everyday for years, a lot of it depends on how often you smoke. i won't knock you because i believe it should be legal, but its not so i had to quit. i didn't come out to bad because i got a killer job that pays great now and don't mind pissing for them when ever they want me to. more power to you and to each their own. best of luck to you.
Reply:alright i had this problem like 2 weeks ago and i thought i had to take a piss test the next DAY!!! Ah!!

well what i did was i drank alot of water, drink tons of water when you wake up till the min you fall asleep..

the next thing i did was i also drank UN sweetened green tea and supossely that works too..

another remdey is to take a shot of vinager... which i also did however it tastes nasty but if you need to get he mary jane out of your system then i would recomend that you do this

i also took a Vitamin called Nicin 500 mg, this cleans out your system and makes you pee alot... so be around a toilet alot...

i wouldn't go to the store and buy a fluid called Detox because in the drug test it shows that you used something to clean your system..

good luck
Reply:dont smoke you doushbag.
Reply:so lets get this straight. youve been told your gonna have a urine test to test for dope. Possibly your career depends on it. You smoke anyway.

What does this say about how much you want your job????

Find another job. No way to cheat those things. If there was, there'd be no point doing them.
Reply:Try going to an N.A.meeting,you could save your life.
Reply:drink a **** load of cranberry juice, at least 5 cups a day. it should be out of ur system in a week... good luck!
Reply:dont smoke
Reply:plenty of water

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