Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How Do U Clear Your System Of Weed In One Day?

I Took About Six Puffs On A Blunt 2 Days Ago %26amp; Got High... I Might Have To Take A Drug Test Tomorrow And That Was The First Time Ive Smoked Weed.... Its A Drug Test For A Job.... What Do I Do?

How Do U Clear Your System Of Weed In One Day?
drink a ton of water and go to a head shop. purchase one of their cleansing... they have a ton of them and the guys there can tell you exactly what you need.

should take 24 hours or less...

also, fill the couple with your middle pee and let the first part %26amp; last part go into the toilet.
Reply:You can go to a health food or head shop and get you some Platinum Pure follow directions and go pee. They also sell this kit called the whizzinator that enables you to give a urine sample that's clean. The best way is to not do drugs. Good luck
Reply:Should have thought ahead. What kind of big brains does it take to smoke dope in the first place - let alone knowing you have to take a drug test!

(By the way ... it's obnoxious when you capitalize every word like that. Knock it off.)
Reply:I think GNC has something that can help you. A roommate I had was a complete pothead and passed a drug screen with flying colors using something from GNC.

And let that be a lesson to you.
Reply:It has been said by imbibers that red vinegar will do this.
Reply:Next time try thinking

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