Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How do i clear weed out of my system?

i heard drinkin vinegar helps,please help me ,

How do i clear weed out of my system?
cranberry juice and pickle juice. or just be smart and get something from planet k.
Reply:dont do it in the first place! thats how
Reply:U need to have 48 hrs of sober time and then you can take ultimate clean tropical fruit it works for me every 4 friday of the month. but if you dont quit for 48 hrs first it wont work
Reply:wait a month, and stop smoking it. you may not see the damage now, but let this not be a learn from your mistakes, cause your mistake may cost your life.
Reply:you cant the weed stays in your body for 28 days after using
Reply:dont smoke it duh!!!
Reply:depends on how much of the substance u took and Wat kind it was
Reply:a detox from GNC or not smoking anymore, it depends on your body fat as to how long til its gone
Reply:You can drink a detox tea that is sold in drug stores or you can take Golden Seal pills for about a month and drink lots of cranberry juice detox water
Reply:drink cranberry juice!
Reply:1.)Stop smoking it!
Reply:You'll just have to wait it out. It really depends on how often you do it and the amount you smoked. I had a friend who smoked a few hits once, and the next day had a drug test at her work. She was completely freaked, but passed it because she doesn't do it often and didn't smoke much.

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