Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How long does it take for weed to clear out of the system?

I smoked it once around April-May, and havent done any drugs since and it was my first time, now my parents are thinkin about takin me for a drug test..should i be worried and how long does it take so that it wont be detected?

How long does it take for weed to clear out of the system?
Bad Idea.
Reply:If you got to worry about something why do it?
Reply:If it was your first time, and you only did it once, I wouldn't be worried. Weed will stay in your system longer if you smoke more frequently. Since it was your first and only time, it should've only taken about a month at the very most, but probably not even that long for it to clear out of your system. Now say, for instance, if you smoke 15 times within a month, it would probably take a good few months for it clear out of your system.
Reply:about 8 weeks i think, but as long as 6 months if you use it frequently or alot.

try drinking alot of water and cranberry juice. like ALOT, 2 or 3 gallons and pee alot. it will flush your system.
Reply:the only way they will find it now is if they take a sample of your hair

that remains until the hair that was still in the follicle when you smoked is grown out and cut off
Reply:6 weeks
Reply:The average detection period for a single use is only 1-6 days. If you smoke daily, it could be detected for a month or more.

If you smoked weed once, 3-4 months ago, there is no way you will test positive for it.
Reply:It stays in your system about 30 days...No Worries...you should be fine.

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