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I have just prepared my first vegetable plot, but it is now winter. Is there anything that I can plant in it.?

I have cleared weeds and dug in some mature manure.

I have just prepared my first vegetable plot, but it is now winter. Is there anything that I can plant in it.?
need to know where you live, winter in Australia is warmer than winter in Switzerland,
Reply:Just leave it for the frost to do it's work. Your soil structure will be far better in early spring.

You can plant rhubarb in December and sow a few lettuce under cloches but realistically March is the month t all happens.Well here in the UK anyway

best of luck
Reply:early winter is the best time to plant garlic..plant now for a larger crop next summer...this makes a huge difference to the size of the bulbs.

rhubarb can be planted now, but make sure that it is dormant.

Kale should do well, if you can find some small plants for transplanting.

try sowing some perpetual spinach, it never fails to amaze me how it can survive cold spells ,if it doesnt grow now,it xertinly will as soon as it is warm enough.

parsley likes to germinate in the wet, and can take a while to start growing(try a small area)

good luck..
Reply:it depends on how cold it gets where ur at...does the ground freeze??? their are winter squash and pumpkins...
Reply:Where do you live? I live in Fl. so, my planting season is extensive. Some of the cooler weather crops include squashes, pumpkins, spinach,and collards. Also lettuce and cabbage.

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How do you treat a blister on your hand?

i got this blister when i was clearing weeds with my weed cutter. any at home remedies or treatments for this blister

How do you treat a blister on your hand?
the main thing you want to do is ice it, when you are done with that, it would be smart to wrap it with a bandage. Whatever you do, dont pop it, because that leads to infections and so on. Neosporin is a good way to disinfect the wound.
Reply:You could try icing it, first. Then, in order to avoid irritation, I'd suggest you place a band-aid over it; changing the band-aid at least 3 times each day.
Reply:Do not bust it. The longer it stays the less likely you are to have an infection or scar. Cover with a bandage or Mole Skin which is available at any drug store.
Reply:Well If ya haven't broken it put it on ice.

If ya have Clean It out so it dont get infected and then cover it with a band aid and ice it for a lil bit i recomend using neosporean to clean it.
Reply:yes id like to know that ive been sanding wood for 2 bloody hours trying to get it to bare wood when i only needed to do it, if id had known that it would have only taken me 5 minuts arghh

I smoked weed a few days ago and my mom wants me to get a job?

im supposed tobe looking for jobs but i smoked weed a few days ago... do jobs like tanning, or jets pizza, and ice cream places do drug tests? and if so do you think if i drink cranberry juice and stuff like that i could be clear soon enough?

I smoked weed a few days ago and my mom wants me to get a job?
Many small/family owned businesses don't do drug tests due to the costs which they pay for.

Plus as someone else said - I've heard (but not certain) the chemicals will mostly be out of your system in a few weeks. So just stall the best you can :)

And you can try those fancy methods to flush your system - but I'd start with drinking lots of water and not doing any more bad stuff missy!

Good luck
Reply:you smoked weed, and yet who paid for it if you dont have a job? if your going to keep this bad habit, mom is right, get a job and suport your own bad habit. where do you see your self in ten years, is mom still telling you to get a job?
Reply:not a good idea to use illegal drugs
Reply:Most minium wage jobs don't drug test. On the application you will mark a box saying you are willing to be tested it a dead give away you will be tested. Drink alot alot of water it will help flush it out. Most places will also be piss test the easiest to pass.
Reply:my girlfriends name is brooke so this freaks me out. don't smoke pot please cuz drugs are bad mkay
Reply:it will be a few weeks before its all out of your system

I'm growing MOSS in my lawn - lots of it! What can I add to the soil to clear up the problem?

There is a large oak in the front of the house and it pelts the ground with twigs, leaves, and you name it - this tree sheds it - acorns, bark, and the whole doughnut. I'm in the South - Little Rock - and the soil is not the usual Illinois black dirt that I grew up with... this stuff gets as hard as dry clay tho it looks like a light brown loam to me and it certainly grows bushes and trees and WEEDS very well. The moss is green (or yellow-green according to the moisture in the ground) and I'd call it a club moss if I was forced to give it a specific name. I've tried more water... less water... light tilling and replanting with seed... chemical ferterlizers... I'm about out of ideas. Help.. help.. help. Please.

I'm growing MOSS in my lawn - lots of it! What can I add to the soil to clear up the problem?
First, you can't quit watering your oak. It needs a lot of water.

The oak's shallow roots soak up water and nutrients and keep out good grass and allows nothing to grow but moss, weeds, poison ivy, etc.

I have a ton of oaks and plant flower beds around them. The drip line is beyond the beds for the most part and the dirt, manure and sand I have added create a rich, moist environment for both the oak and the plants. Try variegated ginger, ivy, monkey or mondo grass for the border, iron plants for deep shade, caladiums, ferns, asian jasmine and whatever else you like.

But, if you do not add a bed, expect hard, mossy soil underneath the oak and more weeds.
Reply:I haven't had trouble with rot of the trunk. Underneath is very wet anyway because the sap is there. Peat is great! Thanks for your vote! Report It

Reply:The easiest and most natural solution would be to leave the moss alone and learn to enjoy it. It's actually very soft and quite pretty. Plus, you don't have to mow it! If you really want to kill the moss, you can sprinkle lime (calcium carbonate) on it. That will do it in in a fairly short amount of time. Then, however, you'll be left with horrible bare spots that will require a lot of effort to deal with (and continue to deal with, ad infinitum). Good luck!
Reply:I grew up with this sort of problem too. Let me tell you my family secret. You might thing this is a Little crazy but i am not kidding this is guaranteed to work. It softens up the dirt and at the same time enriching the soil with minerals and also gets rid of the problem . You just have to trust me.


1. 2 1/2 cup lemon juice (dog urine works just fine too)

2.cup of brown sugar

3. 1/3 cup of salt

4. cup of fertilizer

5. 5oz of fine ground up chalk

6. 1/2 cup of sweet pickling juice

7. 6 gallons of water


Take a plastic trash can and dump ingredient 1-7 inside. Stir well until ingredients completely dissolved into water. Apply in two separate coats 30 minutes apart over moss. You will begin to see results within days. Good luck.
Reply:Actually its what you can take out that will solve your problem. Moss grows where there is an abundance of water. So wrap up you slip and slide and save it for next summer.

Make sure when it rains that you don't have pooling of water if you do, you might want to think about drainage pipes.

How do you clean your system from weed?

i have not smoked in 1 days i have drank two shots of apple cinder vinegar one with sum water sum str8... i have been drinking a lotr of water and pissing like every 30mins or less... i am 5'5 and 194ibs... how long should it take b4 i am clean and my pee is clear... what else helps clean your system of weed.. i wanna turn in my application in ASAP.. b4 somewhere else gets the job b4 me

How do you clean your system from weed?
Don't smoke weed.

Some job demand tests on the spot from what I've heard so I'd give it up Louie.
Reply:take deetox pills. and drink cranberry juice.
Reply:When they test you, they can tell that you've been trying to clean out your system because your pee will be so diluted. They'll probably tell you they want to test you again.
Reply:Only time will do it. I believe it remains in the blood some months, but in the hair follicle for longer
Reply:it seems like daddys little girl grew up lol
Reply:Well if you are a regular user it takes from up to 3-57 days to clear out of your urine whereas it only takes up to 36 hours to clear out of your blood. But drinking plenty of fluids and doing lots of exercise can speed up the process a little!
Reply:Nothing but time is truly reliable. Any product someone sells you is a waste of money.

In the meantime, drinking too much can cause water intoxication which will eventually produce severe electrolyte imbalances and stop your heart; then a job application won't be much of an issue.
Reply:it depends on how often you smoke. if you only smoke like once a month, it should be undetectable after a few days to a week. if you are a frequent smoker, it will definitely take longer. especially if they drug test with hair samples. try to avoid that. it stays there for a long *** time!
Reply:yeah...that's what Cobain did.

or u should try fresh coconut juice.

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How long would it take majriuana to clear out of my system, i smoked with my friends a small blunt?


I don't smoke, and the last time i smoked was six months ago. however, last week i was with my friends and they had 0.5 gram of weed, they rolled it and we all smoked it. I might have to submit to a drug test for a new job in two weeks. I don't know what type of test. is the result going to be positive?

How long would it take majriuana to clear out of my system, i smoked with my friends a small blunt?'re probably out a job. The typical "half life" of THC is 1-10 days, with positive results being possible still up until 30 days.

Sorry, dude...
Reply:drink lots of water and it should take about 2 weeks
Reply:drug test are so in depth now, not only do they look for drug usage but they also look for drug cover ups. Which means the over the counter junk they sale to help flush it out of the system or cover them up won't work. So many good people make bad choices and soon realize that you have to pay for your mistakes at one point in time.

Pray that you don't have to submit to a drug test, and learn from your mistakes.

Drugs are not cool by no means.

A month might be the required time you need to flush it totally out of your system.

Good luck though
Reply:2-4 weeks,depending on how much and how often smoked this......stored in body fat.sooooooooooo...depends....




Reply:60 days and it will show up in a hair follicle test...better stick with burger king
Reply:Get a kit and don't go near anyone smoking until after your test Drink water
Reply:Lol I love you "0.5 grams of weed" LMAO. If you had to do an alcohol test you'd proabably be like "Well I drank 0.2 pints of Jack Daniels..."

But sorry I think it takes like a month for weed to clear out of your system.
Reply:Everyone thinks that it stays in your system for a month, but that is if you smoke like every single day. It is stored in the fat cells, and it will store up and build up to a detectable amount when you smoke daily. Smoking a small amount one time should clear out within a week if you are drinking alot of fluids. Drink tons of water and cranberry juice, and the day you have to test, get an at home THC testing kit and take it yourself first to make sure it is clean. if not, then you should admit it up front instead of looking like a pot-head! If positive, just tell the boss what happened may still have a chance, but if you dont tell, and fail the test, then you are not getting the job if you have to, be honest and tell him that you do not use pot regularly and it was a one time thing before you even got the job offer, and tell him he can test you at random to make sure you are clean in the future. Good luck!

What do people charge for gardening services?

I'm thinking of setting up my own gardening business. What's the going rate for mowing, weeding, clearing, planting, pruning, laying paths and patios, installing sheds, decking, fencing, outdoor lights, ponds etc?

What do people charge for gardening services?
Expect to pay minimum wage, of at least £5-35 per hour
Reply:For everyone who has said anything about the money people charge for laying patios decking and fencing i think they should try the work first and then see what they would charge as its very hard work and alot harder than garden maintenance which is weeding mowing clearing. So your question should be two questions how much does a gardener charge? and how much does a hard landscaper charge as there very different jobs personally id say head down the hard landscaping route bigger scope for making money that way if your competent charge 100 a day at least and work out how many days the job would take etc
Reply:depends whether u want to hav regular clients or not
Reply:I live in the South East and most gardeners charge around £10 per hour - some are more and some are less. However, if you want to do one off jobs you should probably quote separately for those.
Reply:I am a gardener in new england . I charge $20.00 per hour
Reply:In my area, we have two gardening services that I know retired chap who just enjoys it and one youngish lad who is trying to make a living from it.

The retired chap charges about £10 an hour...the young bloke charges about £15 an hour.

Pretty much every one I know goes with the retired chap....not just because of cost, its also because they trust him more. You have to really trust someone to be ready to let them into your garden...its something you might want to think about making a point of if you're planning to do this as a business. Show lots and lots of references.

Good luck with it!
Reply:Wow! Hard to answer!

What are your expenses? Cost to drive out of the driveway; gas, insurance, tool cost, repair cost, dump fees, etc. How much time will you spend doing the books? Paying city/county business fees, advertising, cards, invoices, insurance (lots of luck there)??? Then what is your hourly wage? Agriculture workers are often started sub-minimum's legal. How long do you plan to remain in business? If you under price yourself to get started, you'd better have capital before you get started. Underfunding a business at start up is a sure fire way to go under in short order.

You will be competing with other schmoos who have dropped their costs to get started and who will soon be out of business but will be replaced by others coming on line. You will have to have excellent references!!! Make those first clients your star clients as they will be the ones who get you future jobs. Make certain you know how to do your job correctly, take courses to improve, never slap a job off. Keep yourself and your equipment in excellent order!! Nobody hires a bum with old, crappy equipment.

Remember, what you take in will not be in your pocket at the end of the day. I can't give you an exact amount, but start at: if you want $10 in your pocket, you'd better be getting $30 minimum and more likely $50

and how many people working with you there wage and your wage

you have to think of all the expenses you will be paying

eg: wages,fuel/transport,mowers,products that you will need.

if you were to just mow and whippersnip and tidy then gardens (weeding)

my business charges $24 per square meters so if i were to a house that is 2.5 acers i would charge about $1000 dollars there is money to be made you just got to know your customers and suppliers and what you are doing...........
Reply:An arm and a leg. Now give it up, motherfu(ker.
Reply:depending on where you live. where do you live?? Been looking for help on my business. I am a female that started my own service 11 years ago. went from cutting hair to cutting grass,grass don't talk back!!! Love my job but my body doesn't like it as much. So if you need help getting info e-mail me
Reply:That's going to depend on your particular demographics. Long Island, New York prices will differ dramatically from those in Tamworth, England. Call other local services and ask what they charge.
Reply:Mine charge £20 a hour for general garden stuff.. seperate charge for building things
Reply:I have had my own gardening business for the last 15 years and the answer to your question is as much as you can get. Just like any other tradesman. You will soon know if you are charging too much you will have no customers. The most important thing to remember is that the taxman will want his share and if you are really successful then so will the VAT man. Your rate should be the same no matter what you do whether it's patio laying or painting a fence. I only hope that you have some qualifications or lots of experience with plants before you start your business. If not then look for some night school courses or a friendly garden centre that will help you. Very best of luck.
Reply:It depends on alot - how much experience you have, the amount you need to keep your buisness afloat

why not find an online gardener - with website, and look at rates they are charging - go through and then a few might show up in your area - or be cheeky and phone and make out you are looking for work to be done at your property and see what they charge you
Reply:Our gardener charges £16 per visit. He clears the (large) lawn of leaves and, at this time of year, beech nuts, mows it and disposes of the cuttings, hoes the flower beds and generally tidies up. I think that's a fair price for what he does, as it always looks great when he's been. We are in the North of England, if that helps.
Reply:As much as they can get
Reply:My gardener does about an hour once every 2 weeks and charges me £20 per visit.

This is for mowing my lawn, tidying the edges and general weeding.
Reply:Don't use a comany that ask for an hourly rate. Agree a price in writing frist for the job and a time sale. draw up a contract and deduct money every day they are late. If they dont like this then walk away from them they're cowboys!!
Reply:we got made redundant 10yrs ago and did it you cannot relie on the mr smiths in the winter ie nov to march so spend this winter writting to firms ie housing associations all their work goes out to tender either 1yr or 3yr now is the perfect time to write as contracts start in march buy the best equipment you can of ford hope you have the use of some land or you are into tipping charges £15to £20 per hour depending on tip charge expect to pay £30 per load any more email me