Friday, November 18, 2011

How can I clear my system of drugs for a blood or urine test?

The specific drugs that I want to know about are Marajuana and Ecstasy. I know that you can purchase something over the counter for weed but is there a juice you can drink i heard? Also what about ecstasy?

How can I clear my system of drugs for a blood or urine test?
no the things purchased over counter dont work...

marijuana stays in your body for a month, its stored in fat cells, so work out allot and drink gallons of water daily, i suggest like two a day, you can also put a teaspoon of bleach in each gallon (no it will not even be close to poisoning you) but ecstay come out of your system in less then 4 days, and anything else cut with ecstay like heroin (not likely sinse heroin chemicals destroys mdma) or meth or lsd, those dont stay in your system for more then a couple days either,
Reply:get the detox for weed and it clears everything else out to man
Reply:Just wait a a while and you'll be all set. Hope you stop doing drugs

Good Luck

Reply:Only by not doing them in the first place. There isn't any quick fixes. And even a hair test can detect drugs for months, especially if you are a regular user.
Reply:you shouldnt use drugs in the first place buddy...

im sorry but i hate ppl that use drugs more than anything
Reply:nothing but time and stopping drug use....
Reply:i'm not sure about X, but as for weed, a good thing to do would be to drink a lot of water to dilute your urine. Also, heavy exercise also works i've heard. But i doubt you can completely remove it from your system. Marijuana takes about 1-2 months to disappear from your body.
Reply:i dont think you can

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