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How long does it take for Marijuana to completly clear your system?

I am 113 pounds and about 5'5. I am not very athletic but i am skinny and have a great metabolism. I hear all those have great influences on getting weed out of your system. I stopped smoking a good 25 days ago. I have my urine test in a week. So that would give me a total of 32 days. I have not done any extra excersie and i have not drank any more water than i usually do. So my question is will i be ok if i was about a once a week smoker and quit for 32 days before my test and is there anything else that has helped you quickly flush out your system of THC.

How long does it take for Marijuana to completly clear your system?
Hey Justin,

trust me because I have been testing bi-weekly for over 5 years.

Through trial and of coarse, ERROR...

you have nothing to worry about, pot is known to stay in your system for years because the body stores the THC in our fat cells. However, if you have been clean for nearly 30 days and only smoked 2x per week your home free. THC is only visible in a urinalysis for 30 days from the day you last smoked. If you want to be double sure your clean for your test you can drink certo,with 2 32 oz bottles of water2 hours before the time of your test, making sure you urinate at least three times before you test and that your pee is almost clear before you make your deposit.

However keep in mind some agencies like probation and parole look for additives in the urine, or missing substances like creatine. If your pee looks too clear, they will call it a wash and will often give you a dirty result for trying to cover your test, if they suspect you are trying to give a washed test. I personally have used certo for years and have never had a problem.with it, works like a charm every time. I have gone as far as smoking the night before I had to test and passed. Good luck my man. p.s. you find it in the veggie department or on the isle which has the baking supplies on it in your local grocery store, certo is used to can jellies and jams.
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Reply:if u really are only a once a week smoker u should be good after 30 days or so. drinkining some extra water this last week won't hurt. i've been playing the piss test game for over 10 years and i think u'll be fine after 32 days.
Reply:you should be ok it usualy completely clears out in a month regardeless of your health or what you do
Reply:u will definately be ok...u can be ok in 2 weeks...if u have only done it once or twice in awhile
Reply:Actually it's 30 days,I was a constant weed smoker and guess what I dranked alot of water and I had to take a test for a job the next day guess what I PASSED.I thought it wouldn't work cuz I use to smoke everyday constantly and I passed I was so happy. Ever since then I stopped.
Reply:About 3 weeks
Reply:if you eat it then it would take about a day after you take a sh1t.
Reply:about 30 days should do it
Reply:30 days, Golden Seal tea
Reply:THC is not water-soluble -- drinking extra water won't make a difference -- only time will.

If you wanna be sure you're clean before your test -- test yourself.

Tests are widely available. Below is a link to a site that sells 'em.
Reply:30 days, the best way to clear faster is to drink lots, and lots of water, it works!
Reply:About 2-3 months so it is COMPLETY out of your system
Reply:30 days
Reply:I just bought one of those home drug test kits. It says it can detect THC in your system anywhere from 2 hours to 40 days prior. So my answer is 40 days. Stay off drugs, dude.
Reply:obviously u werent a heavy smoker, so u should be aiight.... 32 days should be just fine. if youre really paranoid, pick up an issue of "high times" and they have a million "system cleaning" companies in the back.
Reply:for just a urin test 30 days or better, for a hair folical test it would take a year. It really depends on the test being done.
Reply:I heard its 30 days.
Reply:You will be safe!! If you smoke 1-2 times a month it will only take 2-3 days to clear your system, but if you smoke every day it will take a month. Also I've been told you can drink alot of pickle juice and it will help clear your system faster than normal, and drink extra water.
Reply:Here's an excerpt:

Concentration of THC can be detected through the amount of metabolites in urine. Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique (EMIT) is the most common way to determine these concentrations. Decreasing detection times can be accomplished by increasing metabolism through exercise and or a high calorie diet. Furthermore, lightweight people usually experience greater effects and less difficulty expelling the chemicals. Heavier people, on the other hand, have greater quantities of body fluids. The greater concentrations of body fluids, including blood, dilute the drug (WWW4).
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