Friday, November 18, 2011

Clearing up after weed?

i am about to get a job and get tested but the problem is that i smoked weed last monday and i am supposed to get tested this coming please is there any way that i can clear the weed out of my blood and urine....

Clearing up after weed?
Sorry my friend if they are giving you a blood or hair test. but good news if they are giving you a urine test. Head to your local head shop and ask about masking your urine and which product they carry has had the best results. Be careful about saying words like "weed" or "drug" inside. They tend to frown on that kinda stuff.
Reply:you better stat right away...go to GNC.. they have alot of things...better have some money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:if its a blood test.. oh boy i cant help you. they stay in much longer and saturday is too close to tell.

but if its just urine, detox and youll be fine.

if youre not a regular smoker it really should be out of your system completely without doing anything at all in 2 weeks.

so if you detox for a couple days im sure youll be fine.

lost of water, cranberry juice, and if you like tea, there is a detox tea that cleans out your stystem. (it makes you pee and poo quite a bit so i dont suggest drinking it if youre at work or school)

good luck!


oh and the day of and day before try not to dilute your pee so much (drinking a lot to make yourself pee) because some places will notice so try to go back to your normal eating/ drinking rutine.

There are many online stores where you can buy detox supplements with rush delivery. Choose the ones which guaranty that the supplement itself is not detectable. Drink lots of good quality (ie. real) cranberry juice.

Good luck, dude!
Reply:that depends on alot of things

how much body fat u have (THC is fat soluble), how much u way, ur metabolism, how often u smoke

if it was a once in a while thing then ull be clean but if u smoke often then its hard to tell

i smoke eveyday and quit for two weeks and passed my drug test

im 6'0 200lbs more muscle then fat

if ur scared just drink alot of water to dilute ur pee and take a vitamin before u take the test to make ur pee yellow
Reply:I have went to GNC and paid 100.00 for didnt work then another friend told me of Sony 7(herb store), well it didnt work either.....made my urine sample too clean.

The only thing I have ever heard of wroking which is nasty but drink vinegar and lots and lots of water.....
Reply:depends on how much you smoked.... detox drinks do not always work. The directions must be followed exactly, and depending on what test is used by the tox lab, the detox will show up as adulterated and it will be rejected. That may buy you some more time, but it also may indicate you are trying to mask something.

In the toxocology business there is a saying:

If you choose to use, you may choose to lose.

Good luck.

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