Friday, November 18, 2011

Blanket weed?

Can anyone recommend something to clear blanket weed. I own a fisheries (2 large lakes) and now that Clarisan has been taken off the market I don't know what to use and the blanket weed is pretty bad now.

Thank you.

Blanket weed?
Bionetix Aquaclean is a natural algae and blanket weed removal. (This also deals with Fisheries) Industrial size may be more cost effective for you.
Reply:Hope it works for you. Thank you. Report It

Reply:Some cold stoners.
Reply:your best bet is to use barley straw until you find something that is similar to Clarisan. it will help to keep it at bay. good luck with your fisheries
Reply:I usually pull it out carefully by hand or roll it around a stick. It appears after a hot sunny spell. If the water fountain is put on regularly this slows the growth down. Have you a little boat you can row around the lake and check out the weed. You'd have to lean out and pull the weed in by hand. This is of course if you had the time and was a good swimmer, incase you toppled in. I shall follow this question up with interest.
Reply:Apart from Barley straw the only way I know is physically rake it.

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