Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How long it takes to clear up after weed?

i am about to get a job and get tested but the problem is that i smoked weed last sunday and i am supposed to get tested this coming monday.....so please is there any way that i can clear the weed out of my blood and urine.

How long it takes to clear up after weed?
well you are screwed buddy guess its weed 1 looser pothead 0. go smoke a bowl so you forget about your problems damn looser.

Reply:Most companies now test for a spectrum of 9 or 7 drugs in a urine test, usually including pot. What the pot test actually does is check for 'cannabinoids', a by-product of smoking pot. It usually takes a month to clear your system, so it will probably show up. And THC is fat soluble, which means it's stored in your fats, so many people chug water thinking it's going to flush it out, but it just causes more to be in your urine. There are 30 dollar products like Redi-kleen, but they're a waste of money on pot tests. With a week, your odds are good, but not great. Some companies don't care about a pos pot test, but some do.

If you do test positive, explain that you were at a party where it was being smoked and you must have inhaled some second hand but left the party shortly there after.

Good luck
Reply:a couple of years
Reply:A month.
Reply:Drink vinegar!!!
Reply:I heard 2 weeks. Drink plenty of water over this weekend; it will help flush your system.

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