Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What can you use to clear weed out your system?

I assume you mean your PC when you use "system".

My answer is that unless you are a computer guru, then don't try it. You are sure to end up deleting valuable files from your operating system and could ruin your computer so badly that it can't be repaired.

My advice is to forget trying to "weed" your computer and, instead, spend about $35 to $85 with Best Buy's service department and let the Geek Squad right your world.

I write that assuming that your PC has seen a lot of use, lots of program installations and deletions, is more than two years old and is getting noticably slow, compared to, say, six months ago.

(I see the responses of the others now and realize that you are asking about drug use instead of your PC. That's OK. My answer may be still be useful to someone and I want the two points I just earned with a very good answer.)

What can you use to clear weed out your system?
DON'T PUT YOUR LIPS ON ONE. don't smoke it.
Reply:stop smoking it.
Reply:someone asked me this question at work one night...LOL!

I would believe you need to drink a LOT of water...like thats all you should be intaking...

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