Friday, November 13, 2009

What is the best way to clear out space for a garden?

I have the space in my new backyard for a garden, but it is overgrown with weeds and what I can only assume used to be the lawn. Any suggestions to help me clear it out quickly. i really do not want to use chemicals.

What is the best way to clear out space for a garden?
When I cleaned mine out I used good ole muscle power. Get some garbage bags, shovel, and maybe some clippers to cut back over grown bushes......No chemicals needed. Then water the land, test its acidity and plant accordingly.
Reply:I wouldn't till weeds. It will just cut them into pieces and you'll get a new plant for every piece of cut-up weed. If you want to plant this season, muscle power is the only way. Spade everything out and have some topsoil ready to fill in where you have taken out chunks. (You can shake off and recover the soil from anything you dig out)
Reply:First, you have to kill or remove the grass. If you just rototiller it under it will grow back and then you will have to pull it out on your hands and knees. I would recommend getting some grass killer. It is safe for other plants and will save you some back breaking work. After the grass is dead pull anything it didn't kill by hand or shovel. Then I would say get the additives you local nursery recommends (depends on what you want to grow and what kind of soil you have) and then rototiller them in and get the soil ready for planting.
Reply:Rake it, mow it, remove all sod, dig up dirt underneath and mix with topsoil mixture and peat moss. Did the sod down to 3 or 4 inches or you'll have more grass than veggies.
Reply:Using a rototiller is the easiest way...these can be rented at the rental store. Personally, I like raised bed gardening! This can be made a number of ways...simply by nailing some boards together and filling with dirt. I put newspaper on the bottom before filling with dirt to cut down on weeds. Raised beds are nice because next spring all you have to do is use a pitchfork and turn it over and it's ready for planting!
Reply:Got a shovel? You are goint to have to dig up the dirt and turn it over anyways, so as you do this grab the weeds and grass roots as you go. Sounds boring and uninventive, but you have to do this anyways. you will get rid of the baulk of them and then just need to keep an eye out for the odd ones.

Dont forget about landscaping fabric. This helps to deter the weeds when done properly. Hope this helps! Good luck! It is still to wet to do anything where I am from. Darn that snow!

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