Monday, November 16, 2009

Need to find some literal and figurative language?

hi i asked for help on this poem before but not its for something new. I need to find a word or phrase in this poem this is figurative and literal at the same time. I already have used "breathe" and "drink" as figurative and literal. Please help me find other words or phrases that would have both a literal and figurative meaning.


by Louise Bogan

The Cold remote islands

And the blue estuaries

Where what breathes, breathes

The restless wind of the inlets

And what drinks, drinks

The incoming tide;

Where shell and weed

Wait upon the salt wash of the sea,

And the clear nights of stars

Swing their lights westward

To set behind the land;

Where the clinging to the rocks

Renews itself forever;

Where, again on cloudless nights,

The water reflects

the firmament's partial setting;

-O remember

In your narrowing dark hours

That more things move

Than blood in the heart.


Need to find some literal and figurative language?
How about "cold" and "remote."

Good Luck!!!

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