Monday, November 16, 2009

Is a chamomile lawn a good idea?

Chamomile is a herb, and a possible grass substitute. I've been told I have pH-neutral soil. I've recently cleared 20 square metres of ground and dug and re-dug the soil, in preparation for a lawn. With a lack of weeds growing, I figured the soil was acidic and added some lime. One possibility for me is a chamomile lawn. That was without knowledge of what chamomile needs - an acidic lawn! Should I bother trying to make the lawn more acidic? Is it worth it for this chamomile lawn?

Is a chamomile lawn a good idea?
The lawn pH is the least of your problems. Are you planning on walking on it? It may be pretty to look at, but it doesn't handle foot traffic well. I know because I planted some around my child's playhouse and it was trampled to death and that is bad because Chamomile grows like a weed.
Reply:Have tried the same thing but hate to tell you, without success. The earth was (is) the wrong sort. Now I just have an ordinary lawn, but I still hanker after a scented lawn. However, I'm on your side, and I would certainly try to make your lawn more acidic, and get that chamomile lawn! When you tread gently on it in bare feet at 6am it gives you the most heavenly fragrance (my parents had one).
Reply:great idea but a lot of hard work until it is established.
Reply:Now you have added lime it will last in the soil for a good few years, in truth you will be flogging a dead horse trying to get the pH right and I would say chamomile isn't worth the trouble.
Reply:What a charming idea you anorak.
Reply:try planting a small part first %26amp; if it seems to be fine then plant the lot.

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