Monday, November 16, 2009

Why do people think weed is so bad?

I'm 27 years old and i have kids. And i respect my kids more than anything.So some times i have hard days at work and sometimes i have a hard time with focusing on things.So some times i leave and take a break to smoke a blunt and come back home i don't smell like it and my eyes are red but i use eye drops to clear them and i fell better i know its not right but it helps me why can't people undy that?

Why do people think weed is so bad?
Here are some reasons why I think it's bad:

It smells awful - like feces.

It makes you eat alot, and then have the runs thereafter (yeah, that's so cool).

People who are high get behind the wheel of a car and cause auto accidents.

People who are high steal, destroy property, and commit rape, but they think it's so funny.

People who are high randomly miss work, shirk responsibility, and think everything is a joke.

There are many other substances abused that cause people to do the same things, but it doesn't negate the fact that weed is a counter-productive scourge.
Reply:well maybe it's because weed is like a starter drug, then people who smoke it young usually go on to do harsher harder drugs with grave consequences, if that makes sense, now in your case you seem to have it under control but what about the next person?? they may not have it under control.
Reply:I totally know what you mean...NOW PASS THAT SHYT!!!
Reply:if your with some buddies its ok as long as u....

puff...puff....giiiive LOL
Reply:weed should be legalize

do you know how much of our taxes come from the tax on cigarettes

imagine if we were taxing weed
Reply:i always enjoy a fatty after work,it helps with stress!
Reply:Because it is a

"DRUG" a very bad



except not!
Reply:Unbelievable! You're old enough to know better than to do that while you have kids! You're not a kid who doesn't know any better and if you don't think your kids know what you're doing than you underestimate them. What a great example! Further, you know that what you're doing is wrong or you wouldn't be looking to us to give you permission to continue it.

Pot is a "gateway" drug." YOU may not intend to go any farther in the drug use, but your kids might since they already get from their dad that using pot is OK. It kills brain cells that you can't get back. It can lead to mental illness, especially schizophrenia. It can lead to gum disease as well as many others. You need to find a better way to unwind after work, if not for your sake, than for your kids.
Reply:Theres nothing wrong with it. I would rather see my papa getting high and mellow/happy then drunk loud and abusive, with vomitting and possible overdose..
Reply:Toke on ganja boy.
Reply:Its a drug
Reply:It kills your brain cells!
Reply:what's undy? you are a pothead you use drugs to deal with your problems and there is nothing worse than that what kind of respectable person smokes weed on the job at least do that crap at home I hate potheads degenerates I swear
Reply:They havent tried it. Simple.

The world is full of people who want to tell you what to do yet have no experience themselves. Tell em to fek off....
Reply:because society has rules, and drugs is bad mkayyyyyy is one of them

doesnt matter if they help you or not, society says its bad so its bad,

as long as you dont take it constantly, dont start to rely on it, and your health and mental heath are ok

and of course that your parenting skills are still up to par, then its allcool

we are all allowed a wind down,

some people drink, some dance, some go on yahoo answers, some eat chocolate by the barrel load and some do drugs of all kinds or one kind

dont acknowledge society's words cos society is unquestionably unreasonably judgmental

always will be

just always make sure your kids are safe and happy and ignore everyone else

its none of their business,

they just like to think it is

but if you look closely into their lives, you'll always be sure to find something that is deemed 'wrong' by society in there

cos people arnt perfect, society only wants them to be
Reply:Why so bad? If you do a little research you'll find that Industry, in particular the Chemical Industry, worked closely with the government to undermine the Hemp Industry- big in the 1920's and 1930's as makers of aircraft wings, clothes, oil, etc.- and introduce nylon. The problem to overcome was how. Industrial hemp is not a drug and boasted a very tough and durable duty product. The hook was that Americans enjoyed their fruit and vegetables but didn't want to work for it, so migrant farmers from Mexico and South America were encourage to come here and pick the crops. And guess what? The poor folks grew Industrial hemp's cousin, the familiar marijuana. The Nylon Industry mad dubious and false claims that all marijuana was bad and being imported to undermine our country. The government bought the deception because nylon was cheaper than hemp. That was at about the time the movie "Refer Madness" and a host of other propaganda films. Also marijuana is actually free grown at home and America could not tolerate any product that people could get for free. So the government allowed possession and use of marijuana, but only by coupon. Yes coupon! The hook was, of course, there were never any coupons printed. Over the years the propaganda became more and more intense until now it's simply illegal and equated with heroin. Fact: No one ever died from marijuana use. Ever. More folks die from using asprin than smoking pot. Tolerate fools but do what you want to do. There are worse things your kids can pick up- like bad information.


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