Friday, May 21, 2010

Does this sound like a yeast infection?

For 2 years i have had constant symptoms. It started off with some back pain followed by chills and then urinary symptoms the next day. I went to the doc and he gave me antibiotics. It cleared it up for a couple days and then it came back. I developed itching in my groin and anus after taking the antibiotics. I get pains that go into my legs and my back is incredibly tight most of the time. My bowels are off as well switching between constipation and diarhhea. Doctor wouldn't test or treat for yeast infection because i am no immunocomprimised but I have been on close to 4 different times on anti biotics along with a 5 month stint on them. I smoke a lot of weed so i think that could make me immunocomp... anyways docs just told me to live with it and it is tearing me apart. Any help would be great. If you do think it is a yeast infection how can i get trhough to my doc to test me? A girl i was with got a few yeast infections after sleepign wtih me. did i cause those?

Does this sound like a yeast infection?
whoa, I saw some things in a reply that just didn't need saying. Just because you have a yeast infection doesn't mean that you are nasty. It's perfectly normal to get yeast infections but it's not normal to keep one for that long. I would put money on it that the anti biotics have caused this infection and you probably need a serious treatment. If it goes on for this long then it just builds up and it's hard to kill it. Your doctor will probably try to give you 1 diflucan but you should tell him/her about the history so that they can give you 2 or 3 of them. Also you will need to use some other kind of medicine to battle this. You should start watching your bread intake and stay away from other things that have alot of yeast in them until you get this cleared up. Beer is included in the things that you shouldn't have. Go to the store and get you some acidophilus tablets and take those too, they will help to balance the normal flora inside you. By the way, don't go back to the same doctor. You should try a place that sees this sort of thing all the time, somewhere that has lots of experience like a family planning, planned parenthood or something like that. I have found in my years that private OB/GYN usually only deal with pregnant women so they don't have the experience that planned parenthood has. Good luck.
Reply:If you are promiscuous one of your partners is carrying that infection but all is not lost . antibiotics kill every thing you must replace your intestinal flora you can purchase them or eat lots of plain yogurt. you must add these minerals to your diet copper selenium silver and most of all indium stay away from refined sugars and alcohol no quick fix 3months minimum. your indium can be purchased here www.fdirep/115057 click on wellness trax
Reply:Start taking acidophiles tablets, they replenish your good flora, antibiotics take all your good bacteria out of your body causing yeast and discomfort- itchy skin, pain, etc etc..

Azo Yeast is another good tablet to take to boost your immune system. (in the womens product section) Cut out sugar, drink a lot of water, drink cranberry juice, eat yogurt with live active cultures in them.

And definitely see another DR.
Reply:A more severe case, which sounds like what you're describing will actually travel from the groin to the anus and to the legs (basically everywhere that usually builds up moisture) and usually becomes really red and itchy. Antibiotics actually make yeast infections worse! Fungi in your body is kept in check by bacteria in your body. Taking antibiotics = less bacteria = allows fungi in your body to thrive (some people will SPECIFICALLY get yeast infections immediately after taking antibiotics). With your history of antibiotic use it wouldn't surprise me that you developed a nasty yeast infection. And yes you can spread it to other people. I would definately get a second opionion. It shocks me that your doctor wouldn't test or treat you for one (and tells you to just deal with it...thats not right..)

that's not normal for 2years.
Reply:Go to a different doctor to get a second opinion.
Reply:I'd personally go to a Hematologist and get every known blood test taken to see whats going on.
Reply:I don't know how yeast infection might affect a guy (they're tough for y'all to get) but those aren't symptoms women have...typically with us it's a lot of vaginal itching/discharge but not the pain you describe.

See a different doctor...after 2 yrs permanent damage could already have been done from whatever is causing it, but I wouldn't rest until SOMEONE could tell me what it was and treat it effectively.

Good luck.
Reply:go See a new doctor. stop smoking pot and stop having sex

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