Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Which texas beach is better Galveston or Corpus Christi Padre island?

which one has the worst sea weed (lots of sea weed) and which one has more clear water?

Which texas beach is better Galveston or Corpus Christi Padre island?
Corpus Christi is my recommendation for several

reasons----one of them being the proximity to an

interesting town where you can find a nice hotel and

some interesting places to walk and shop. It also

has a beautiful Cathedral.

Is this a recommendeton for a Beach ? Well to me

it is ! Besides it meets your need for clear water

which elimininates Galveston ----Padre Island is

another location ---the water is clear---but the

Island itself is "out-of-the-way" for other things--

unless it has changed.

One thing you should be prepared for Corpus water

is warm and you can float well in it because it is


Also if you are in Corpus for any length of time--

you can drive to Kingsville in one hour ---It is the

home of the biggest Ranch in the world---the

King Ranch---you can even tour it---and Texas

A%26amp;M there has produced some of the best

PRO FOOTBALL players---including the Hill

Bros. ! I had a home in Kingsville once---and

loved it ---it is a beautiful small town .
Reply:Corpus Christi is better than Gaveston and South Padre Island, 20 minutes from Brownsville, is better than Corpus. That said they all have their attractions, and after all a beach is a beach!
Reply:I'm from Texas, and I'd definitely say Corpus Christi.
Reply:Padre Island. South Padre is amazingly clear. Unfortunately for those of us closer to Galveston! Galveston is a bay so the water is muddy, plus we have the Houston Ship Channel.
Reply:Corpus Christi beach is WAY better than Galveston. Galveston is very dirty and usually smells bad.
Reply:Corpus is the best hands down! Galveston is o.k. but some of the beach is pretty rough looking. It also depends on whether you go to a part of the beach that is manicured daily, that makes alot of difference. But Corpus if nicer, I think.
Reply:Corpus/ Padre is way every way.
Reply:When the seaweed comes to shore it usually covers all of the Texas beaches. In other words, all of them have the same possibility of having seaweed. The Corpus Christi beaches are much, much, much cleaner than Galveston.

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