Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Outdoor patio?

My boyfriend and I want to clear a little part of his back yard of weeds so we can put some chairs and a table out there. It'd be nice to lay down some brick or there an inexpensive, DIY kind of way to do something like this? Thanks in advance.

Outdoor patio?
It would be pretty easy to do yourself and the best thing would be like flat slate rock which is yes very expensive. Some nice stones in a color or something would be enough to keep grass down and keep it from becoming a mud/dirt hole. I really dont know how hard laying brick is but it would be cheaper than slate and a little better for a surface than stones

I suggest a fire pit!!! with rocks around it
Reply:Easiest way would be to rent a tiller from Home Depot or a tool rental place... Till the area you want to lay down some stones to give you a good starting place.

For stones, I'd suggest the 2X2 patio stones. They're fairly inexpensive at places like K-Mart.

I did a 10X10 area last year for under 500
Reply:First dig up and remove the sod two or three inches. Level and pack the dirt. Then put down a layer of sand. put edging around the perimeter to keep your bricks or pavers from drifting. Install the bricks or pavers. Finally, use a broom to sweep sand into the joints.

Or build a freestanding deck.
Reply:This isn't something you would want to get involved with yourself, because your going to a permit from your local township building, and they might even ask for a blueprint. Otherwise you will have code enforcement knocking down your door with a $300 fine. Something like this you will need to hire a contractor. Good luck.

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