Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weeding help!?

We've got a very overgrown garden with long flower beds I've cleared one of them, but I can't get started on the others as I keep having to go over the old grown, pulling up another 300plus new shoots a week. How long will I have to do this before they give up, or should I put down any weed killer (I'ld rather not) and will this affect the plants in the bed we want to keep; a rose, caster oil plant and eucalyptus tree. Or are there ground cover plants we can put in at this time of year? Advice please?

Weeding help!?
lay down 7 to 9 layers of newspaper, then dead leaves. Instant cover, no hard pulling work, no chemicals, will kill the weeds and create a finished bed for you. Leaves and paper will introduce organic material into the soil.
Reply:Lay down a layer of mulch with newspaper right after your down pulling the weeds in 1 area. 1st pull all the weeds then use a hoe and kind of till up the soil around your plants. then lay newspaper and mulch over that. It will help.
Reply:You could use a weedkiller that is designed only to get rid of grass and weeds - they do make one but the name escapes me - that way the plants can thrive while the weeds die. Otherwise as you weed, lay a weed blanket over the soil to block the light and stop further growth. Then take it up when you want to plant out in Spring.
Reply:either put down a weed membrane or hoe regularly don't give up the weeds wont.
Reply:They will give up, you have to pull them up before they flower or seed though, otherwise they will spread.

Alternatively you can use a weed burner. you need to burn the top rows of leaves and the plant dies. We use a larger version to good success, its called a Weed Wand ( in case you want to search for it ). There are also smaller ones that take a disposable canister - don't know how long they last.
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Reply:Modern weed killers are quite harmless and only work on weeds. They will not effect trees. If in doubt avoid spraying the trees. It beats all that backache. Do it now to kill off existing weeds and start again as soon as the weeds appear in the spring. Any large and stubborn ones dig down and remove them by the roots, taking care not to break off any root growth and leaving it in the ground.

Gardens that get too overgrown are always difficult but with effort,time and money it will be looking good.

Go to a good garden centre for advice on ground covering plants which will obliterate the weed growth.

Good luck.
Reply:The weeds will not give up, in the end they will return, its nature, you should be able to get orgainic weedkiller that is not harmful to animals or children, then you can use either bark chippings or a porous covering to keep the weeds down. with the porous covering, its usually black, you make holes in it to plant through.
Reply:don't forget to pull the roots of the weeds up or they will grow again you need to keep doing it a bit every day to keep on top of it if you think about it the grass is still growing so the weeds will still grow as the weather gets colder the weeds will stop growing then dig the ground over and take any weed roots out you could then put mulch between plants to keep the weeds down.good luck

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