Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting grass to grow?

Our backyard was overgrown with weeds last year when we moved in so we cleared it all out and put down grass seed last week...we've been turning the sprinkler on every morning and long til we see results??

Getting grass to grow?
I plant grass almost every year to repair where cars have missed the my driveway and torn up lawn. The grass sprouts in 7 - 10 days but must be watered daily for the first 2 - 3 weeks.
Reply:Did you till the ground a bit so the seeds can take root? Also, if it has rained heavily, it may have washed some of the seed away. You should starts seeing results soon, 12 days at most.
Reply:normally it takes 10-14 days to see the grass begin to grow.. then another 2-3 weeks before it needs to be mowed, don't worry if it's a little spotty when it comes up, it will fill in after 2-3 weeks too.. after that you may need to do some spot planting.

good luck.

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