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The Usual Suspects question by Francisc?

Ok, have you seen the movie The Usual Suspects? If so, well my question is about Keyser Soze, like I watched the extras and everything and everyone, even the producer mention that it's not clear who Keyser Soze is, but it's most likely to be Verbal Kint, anyway my question is, which seems to be missed during the commentary and everything, why does verbal want all the other guy dead? Like I understand that there was no weed on the boat at the end but they were trying to buy what Keyser Soze looked like and that's why Kevin Spacey's character wanted to kill all those guys on the boat but I don't understand and this seems to be missed by everyone, why did Verbal murder all the other guy in the end, it seemed that he got what he wanted so I'm confused about that, plus I thought that they were somewhat friends and they did do their job, and who didn't, well they got what they diserved, so hope anyone has an oppinion one that, thanx!

The Usual Suspects question by Francisc?
I think he didn't care. He rounded up these guys just because he knew that no one would believe the stories they would tell of the events. They were all criminals. So, one, he could use their expertise, and two, they would be the perfect fall guys. No one would go looking for him...he was just that ruthless...
Reply:Well I think that Kevin Spacey's character didn't want his friends to know that he was Keyser Soze so he had to kill them plus the fact that he would get all the money in the trunk or at least half didn't hurt. The movie is amazing, even thou you know how it ends it blows your mind. :) Report It

Reply:Hmmmm.... I think it had more to do with each of them having stolen from Keyser before.

His lawyer even said so at one point in the movie. And if he's as sadistic and venegeful as they keep saying he is, then that's all the excuse he would need to wipe them out.

But first, he would manipulate and use them for a job.
Reply:it was not a question of if someone did their job, it was a matter of their usefulness was past and they were no longer needed. that is why they were "discarded" when it was time for the big payoff. this movie is a lot like life; you don't always know who's in control, and you're always expendable to those who are in power.

keep your Friends close and your enemies closer.
Reply:You're talking about a character who murdered his own wife and children so the opposition wouldn't get a chance to do it first!

Can't see why he'd have any problem offing his crew after they finish a job, they could all ID him. That was why they went after the guy on the boat to begin with, he was the only one who knew who he looked like.

And it was clear it was Verbal at the end, the guy in the hospital did a composite of Keyser Soze and that composite drawing was what made the detective go running after him. Too late, Chaz... :)
Reply:All the other criminals either stole something from the Keyser in one manner or another. They were completely expendable to him and he wanted them out of the way. The last job he had them do had nothing to do with drugs but merely to kill an informant on the ship who could positively identify the Keyser. Keyser Soze was a sociopath, psychopathic killer.

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