Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hi I have a above the ground pool, and it is ruining my lawn:(?

I have a spot that I have cleared out today and layed down small loose gravel with no sharp rocks these are somewhat rounded, however I have noticed that there is really horrible weeds that are growing they are somewhat like a tree and I am scared to put the pool there as I am afraid that if I put a blanket down then tarp down then the swimming pool on top of that I am scared that these weeds will grow back and push right through the blanket and tarp and put a hole in the pool:(

How can I kill this weed once and for all??please let me know. or do you think it will be ok just putting the blanket, tarp and swimming pool on top??

Hi I have a above the ground pool, and it is ruining my lawn:(?
Our yard was a jungle and we cleared it off and put the pool there and never had a problem.
Reply:If it truly is a weed, white vinegar will kill it.
Reply:Go to the store ( Wal - Mart . etc. ) and ask the clerk, if you can find one , for a product called " Round Up " . It is an all round weed / plant killer ; simply cut the offending plants back, close to the ground, and spray them with this stuff. They will be dead in hours .

By the way , the plant will never come back up through the pool, but for peace of mind , blast them with this stuff. I don't normally advocate

using weed killers , but this one time application warrants it , I think ...

Good Luck ! ( I'll be over, once the pool's set up !! lol )
Reply:the pool will smother out the weeds. There is alot of pressure in a pool and no air or sun get under it. no weeds will grow. I am more worried about the rounded rocks. they will tear the liner over time. you may want to reconsider the rocks. weeds will die out just pull them up ot cut them and bury with top soin
Reply:Clear the area and tarp it. You shouldn't have a problem. If you are too worried though you can kill the area with glyphosphate(ie...roundup-although, you can buy a generic brand with the active ingredient-glyphosphate- much cheaper) first or tarp the area and kill everything first then proceed with pool installation.
Reply:i doubt that anything will grow under the tarp as there will be a lack of air and sun

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