Friday, May 21, 2010

So what do we do now?

When you figured out who the problems in your life were and you "weed' them out...what comes next


So what do we do now?
put down a weed barrier.....
Reply:Once you "weed" them out, you shouldn't have any problems any more that you yourself don't create.
Reply:You put one foot in front of the other, and move.
Reply:enjoying life......stay away, keep clear and enjoy .
Reply:You learn from the mistakes and don't do them again. You stay away from the causes that started the problems in the first place.
Reply:How can we be clear when your question is not? What are you talking about here?
Reply:If you truely weeded them out, then you have less problems. Next, is a happier life. Just enjoy.
Reply:Try to be a positive person that others do not want to "weed out" , have fun, grow as a person, be charitable.
Reply:u find the path u want 2 take in life and u just go at it, roadblocks will come but you'll get though them! best of luck! i hope ur life goes well
Reply:keep living life and dont let those problems show them selves up in ways or other people with the same crap. Life has a way of making sure if you did the right thing it will hut for a while and then you will feel awsome once that period is done. good luck i hope you live truly free.

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