Friday, May 21, 2010

Sugar/fats/oil abuse worse than Marijuana?

If somone had never heard of either Cannabis or Sugar/fats/oils before in their life, and I showed them a highly accurate and detailed report of both substances how many people do you think would say bad food is way worse for you than cannabis??

I think the numbers would be overwhelmingly in favor of cannabis being better for you... Please keep in mind though the diffrence between abuse and use.

Let me clear up some Stuff as well. Sugar less addictive than weed? thats hard to belive, less than 1% of cannabis users develope a physical or mental addiction to Marijuana. While i don't have statistics for sugar i can allmost garentee more kids/adults these days are addictied to sugar far more than they are to weed.

I am a person who has done MDMA(Ecstasy) meth, weed, coke, lsd, shrooms, dmt, alcohol, tabbaco, and i can honestly say giving up bad foods was the 1 thing i cannot do. And not im not obese or eat a TON its just i need them, its serously the only thing ive een addicted too.

Sugar/fats/oil abuse worse than Marijuana?
drshorty, your living in a dream world not everyone is going to do what is healthy for them. and yes pot is bad, but everything is bad if you have too much of it. i would say pot is less distructive on the body then a lot of things. i have smoked pot for almost 10 years and it is a lot less addicting then other things, i can go months without it. now double cheeseburgers from mcdonalds, i at least have to have twice a month. fat is addicting too.
Reply:No. Marijuna is like smoking 7 cigerrettes at the same time.
Reply:maybe 50 % of the people you know use pot, but that number is not indicative of all society--get a more accurate source. yes' i agree' a large number of people are addicted to sugar, and even more to carbs. and there will definitely be long term health effects from this--there are already lots. but unless its being used for medical conditions, pot is no better. i cant stand stand having conversations with or having to work with potheads--if you think it doesnt change your personality or your judgement, your wrong.......its no better than drunks.
Reply:You can't really compare eating sugar with smoking pot. If you want to compare sugar vs pot either smoke the sugar or eat the pot. Smoking anything can't be good for your lungs and you know what they say: When you can't breath, nothing else matters. BTW eating pot works pretty good and has gotta be the safest way to use the stuff.

No, I don't think sugar is less addictive than weed. Sugar (and all the processed starches) are, for many people as addictive as heroin or tobacco.
Reply:I think your estimation of 50% of Americans are users of Marijuana is exaggerated.
Reply:Are you trying to justify marijuana use? Sorry, I'm not going to go there with you.

How about everybody just does everything in a healthy way?
Reply:Heres the problem: Its Illegal. You do not get addicted to sugar but it does ruin teeth. However without sugar brains don't function and you could not bring up your brilliant theory.
Reply:How about the social effects, tell me how you behave when u r high! Health is personal. I think legal controls on intoxicating substances is not necessarily based on effects on that persons health but on those around him as well. Thanx 4 the info.
Reply:I'm not too sure about the numbers, and how can any of us be, when both the right and the left will lie and distort to further their causes?

Although very few, as you say, 1% or so of marijuana smokers develop a serious addiction or dependence, mild dependence is common in the majority of smokers.

How does that compare to sugar? It would be interesting to see a real scientific study, but then why bother? The proof as they say, is in the pudding. Sugar and diet problems are obviously a bigger problem than pot has ever been.

But, as you can see by the responses to this question, people don't want reason. We're not living in an age of reason, as our hemp-growing forefathers did.

We are living in an age in which most of the population has been brainwashed since childhood into believing that pot is this terrible thing, and to fear and obey the law, whether the law is just or not. The 60's really were the high water mark for this culture. Ever since, the torch has been elsewhere, countries of Europe, and where next? Probably not the U.S. of A., so long as the will of the people is deluded by its own government.

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