Friday, May 21, 2010

I got caught. What do I do?

I have 2 brothers. One is 11 years old, and the other is 18 years old (and just left to college). I'm 16 years old and the middle child. My older brother has been smoking weed since his freshman year in highschool (he doesn't do it anymore). I found out when I was a freshman through one of his friends. This sort of inspired me to try it however, all my friends are/were honors students and very against weed/marajuana/ganga...whatever, so, as a result, I steered clear of it until the end of my sophomore and the beginning of my junior year (now). In very little time, I discovered how fun it was and my friends and I would meet up in secret (we aren't sketchy) and do it. So last weekend, I came home high with about 6 of my other good friends who were all high. We had already smoked in the forest near my house but we reaked. While we were in the basement, my younger brother comes downstairs and tells me that he smells it. He knows that I do it. Now what? He's too young to understand.

I got caught. What do I do?
Uh DE DE DE That's your brain on drugs You walked in high with 6 of your friends also high and expected no one to notice?? Quit now before you kill anymore brain cells. If you care anything about your younger brother you'll make good for his sake. Do want him to follow in your footsteps? You followed in your older brothers footsteps but he also quit, right?
Reply:Your actions speak louder than your words. So him seeing you was definately negative.

But that does not mean this is a lost cause. I say you need to talk to him straight up. He will pretend he is not listening, but you are still his big brother, so he will listen. Tell him how you screwed up, and were killing your brain cells. He needs to know that you will be here for him no matter what decisions he makes, but you would prefer that he makes the right ones.

And thank goodness he has a brother who cares!
Reply:I understand your concern with your little brother, but where are your parents in this matter? They should be acting as parental figures and warning your brother about drugs and partying. I also wonder wy he is allowed to have the friends that he has? All I can say to you is that your parents need to handle this. You can, as well, just be there when they have a talk with him. You also need to be setting a better example. You say you are clean now, but you just smoked last weekend? I think you need to work on yourself, and then use your experiences to help your younger brother. If you need someone to talk to, please feel free to message me. I am a former partier/drug addict, and while I don't have any younger siblings, I do have children that I will have to guide.
Reply:You appear concerned about your brother. Is it because you think he may start using? You know it isn't a good thing to do but you feel you can control it. Do you think your brother can? Would you give it up if you knew it would keep your brother from starting (like you did because of your brother)?

It isn't the one time or a couple of times that is the problem. It's what happens to most addicts. somewhere along the line you get hooked. So badly that you don't even realize the respectful life (that you stated with your studious friends) you have given up.

I have tried it and now that I am older am so thank full that I successfully dropped it, considering the ugly statistics I could have followed.

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