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What's wrong with Weed, LSD...etc?

I have been brought up my entire life that drugs were bad. But recently upon entering college, I have tried canabis. It turns out that I really liked the feeling. I felt free and I got to this mental state where everything was clear and easy to understand. The more I smoked the more I started to realize that every thing i ever heard just didn't seem to make sense anymore. So i just want to know other peoples experiences smoking. Also, does anyone ever feel as though when they get high that they realize that they see the truth about life that if everyone opened up their minds to the possiblity that they would be free from the restraints of life?

What's wrong with Weed, LSD...etc?
Cannabis is called a gateway drug and some people could say that this is because it makes you attracted to an altered state of mind or... some other b/s reason... but i believe the real reason is that it is quite a mild drug witha mild affect and it goes against everything anyone has ever told you about drugs... this can then lead you to believe that all drugs can't be so bad which in turn could encourage you to try harder, more addictive drugs.

There are certain drugs which i believe fall into the same "safe" category as cannabis like (generally) non-addictive stimulants such as low doses of MDMA or BZP and alcohol. These drugs definitely go against the common 'grown-up' belief that drugs are "bad".

I have smoked pot, taken a low dose of BZP, inhaled NOS and drunk alcohol (not all at once!) but I wouldn't go any further than those drugs, especially on a regular basis.

I have a list of drugs I will never, ever try, which are highly-addictive, "life-ruining" drugs, namely;

-crack cocaine

-crystal meth


And I recommend no one else try them under any circumstances.

Smoking pot does seem to have the affect of helping you see "truth" - a truth you very quickly forget when you sober up. It's a depressant, which lowers your motor skills, your inhibitions (leading to a feeling of 'openness') and, depending on the strain, can have a hallucinogenic effect. The strength depends who you buy from and where from. the only problem with illegal drugs is that you can never be entirely sure what's gone into them so be careful, it's a big horrid world out there and dealers do not give a **** about you!

A legal alternative (in most countries) is called Spice or Salvia Divinorum and is apparently more intense but doesn't last as long as cannabis (I haven't tried it myself). This can be bought from... I'm not sure where you are, but in NZ we have drug paraphernalia stores that sell party pills, spice, bongs, pipes etc... spice can be bought from places like this.

I've really gone on a bit, sorry.

I hoped I helped though!

Be careful and good luck!

xx A

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Reply:hmmm first off..THEY'RE ALL ILLEGAL you nitwit.

weed is a depressant.

you will suffer from a chemical imbalance

and it will cause depression, anxiety attacks/panic attacks, hallucinations, and delusions.

it'll also damage your lungs totally...1 blunt equals 5-10 cigaretes.

obviously you think illegal drugs aren't at all bad, you do them!

plus, weed is a psychological addictive drug.

you're wasting your money on're just gonna turn out an idiot.
Reply:well aside from destroying your short term memory, giving you a massive case of the munchies, costing too much money to be worth while, making your clothing smell bad, and being illegal,causing severe damage to your lungs and other vital organs, making it difficult to get a job, nothing. before any one tells me to get off of my high horse, i will tell you that yes i have smoked weed in the past. the last time was about 8 years ago. but i also quite smoking cigarettes for some of the same reasons.
Reply:Art Linkletter's (old TV star) daughter walked out a window under the influence of acid because she was convinced that she could fly. (If you aren't sure, I'll tell you - she couldn't.) Weed damages DNA in reproductive tissue so, if you do have (or father) kids, they could have problems. (And you might not have any that survive to birth.)
Reply:It's bad because it impairs your health. This seems to be a strange question but I tried drugs when I was a freshman in high school, and apparently it turned out bad. Even though the feeling is "good", there are bad things that could happen to you. It could result in death, sometimes you won't know what you're doing, so it leads to crime.
Reply:i was wondering the same thing, i don't do drugs but if we let the addicts do their thing soon they od or die from some thing else and that might solve the overpopulation problem

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