Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do cranberry juice clear your urine?

if someone drinks cranberry juice can it flush out the weed contain that in your body if you drink 10 gallon of juice.

Do cranberry juice clear your urine?
Yes it does. The antioxidants and cleaning properties in it work wonders. You can also drink Coconut Juice. I have some in my fridge now... the brand name is FOCO. Try it... you'll feel wonderful afterwards! Actually it doesn't work for weed. The THC in marijuana is not so easy to flush. You can try all the Golden Seals and other quick fixes you want but the only foolproof way to get it out of your system is to JUST SAY NO. Don't smoke it and you won't have to worry about it.
Reply:drink sun detox it works great. Report It

Reply:the thc will still be there...

only time will get rid of it.
Reply:No! I talked to many people who have had Urine tests for a job.No! it doesn't work! what works is using others peoples urine! really..! I heard they do that!
Reply:If you drink that much of any fluid in a short period of time, you could cause a fatal electrolye imbalance in your blood. If you're facing a drug test, you're doomed. The only way I've see people pass them is to substitute someone else's urine, but that was before we started testing the tempurature of it when you hand over the cup.
Reply:As most of the people who have knowledge about the body and having to give a UA have said, the answers to your question is NO. I would not suggest using "Golden Seal" or any other of those type of products out on the market to try and pass your UA, because today's labs can see those chemicals as well and will fail you for using them to try and pass the test. The only thing that will work is as someone said TIME. Pot stays in your system longer than any other drug out there, it gets into your fatty tissue and hangs out for a while, the more you smoke the longer it takes to clean out. If you smoke on a regular basis it will take a month of not smoking at all before the pot is cleaned from your body.
Reply:water clears your urine.

Charcoal water gets the weed out............about 3 gallons or more
Reply:Cranberry juice does help with a urinary tract infection and most dox will recommend it with a course of antibiotics. What--is your urine dark only? If so you may need to drink more fluids 8-10 8 oz. fluid (not counting caffeine or alcohol because those things make you pee more and you won't retain the fluid).

If it burns or aches when you pee, or you have to go a lot, see a doc.

10 gallons is too much to drink in a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much to charge as a Nanny?

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