Sunday, May 16, 2010

If ur in a small room full of people who were smoking weed...?

would it show up on a drug test? cuz this friday i went to my friends house and her brother and sister and their friends all came in and were high as **** and still smoking. we were in there for about 8 minutes then we left cuz they were getting annoying. but i have to take a random drug test some time soon i think so i can stay in the school clubs that im in. last year they said they did the testing during homecoming week which is this week. will it show up on the test. just to clear up any misunderstandings some might have, i wasnt smoking anything at all, the people i was around were.

If ur in a small room full of people who were smoking weed...?
"Second-hand marijuana smoke (that may or may not produce "a buzz") CAN show up on urine tests. But, it will only produce a positive result the first day or so after breathing in the smoke. Also, the smoke would have to be so thick that it would irritate the eyes of both smokers and passive smoke breathers."

"Exposure to second hand smoke can cause a drug test to be positive. A “contact high” indicates that THC has entered the blood stream where it is then detectable by drug analysis. If you do not feel “high” after exposure this does not mean that you are necessarily THC free."
Reply:a contact high could show up, but the stuff would only be in your system for about a day. don't think you have anything to worry about.
Reply:No. Despite what some people may say, Second hand smoke does not have a high enough concentration to show up in a drug test. Just stay away from it and you should be fine.

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