Sunday, May 16, 2010

I cleared weeds away from two Large Trees in Front of the House. Any ideas besides grass to put back near them

One is a Large Elm Tree and One Very Large Maple. They are too large to put rocks or anything around. I just wonder what to do. Ideas would be a help to me. The are between the Sidewalk and the Road also. Just trying to figure out something besides grass they may work. Thank you for ideas.

I cleared weeds away from two Large Trees in Front of the House. Any ideas besides grass to put back near them
Vinca is an evergreen and blooms lovely, for example, or any plants for shade should thrive under a tree. Good luck!
Reply:We have four big maples in our yard, and after years of trying were unable to grow grass underneath them. Not only because it's shadier under the trees, but because the trees roots absorb most of the moisture.

If you want plants that will spread and grow around the trees, here are some plants I have had luck with: hostas, lamium, perennial geraniums, heuchera, trillium, wild phlox, sedum, and bergenia.
Reply:by planting hedges, the tree will look over grown, and they will be choked out by the tree's roots. in stead, plant a few different kinds of flowers around the tree, and plant a FEW SMALL hhedge-like plants on the sides
Reply:The maple will probably continue to send out "shooters". I'd recommend weed block with mulch or river rock even if the trees are large.
Reply:put mediun size hedges around each tree and if u want for an extra special look out some roses around the trees
Reply:You could put plastic down around them and mulch or a border and some flowers
Reply:Garden Gnomes.
Reply:You could put shade loving flowers there or hostas. Impatients like shade and they would be colorful too.
Reply:I have two suggestions for you. One is understory plants, which thrive under trees. An evergreen understory plant is the hellebore. This will give you beautiful blooms from January through June each year and beautiful green plants the rest of the year. They are expensive, but you can buy one and grow the rest from its seeds, unless, like me, you fall in love with them and need one of every variety! Start with the lenten rose, helleborus niger, or an orientalis. Next, mix in some hostas. These perennials come in many shades and sizes -- mix them up! Put a lime green hosta next to a deep bluish green, and dress a border with white-rimmed hostas. You can divide these in fall for new plants, so again you can start with one of each type. They do very well in shady areas under trees. I would avoid the shrub idea -- shrubs need nutrients and the tree is going to leave very little for all but the most superficail of plantings.

The second idea is a moss garden. Go around your neighborhood and take scrapings of moss that is growing. There you go -- you now have moss that is indiginous to your area. Now put it in a blender with a quart of buttermilk and whir it around one time. Then, paint the mixture on some rocks and ground under the trees. Keep the area moist, as moss spores require this moisture to thrive. Do some areas of moss and some with plantings for a naturalized setting. Good luck and ENJOY!

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