Sunday, May 16, 2010

I have a Q about weed?

ive looked up the effects and what it is supposed to do and how you cant think clear and solve problems. well i used to smoke it a lot and i always did work while high and did better than when i wasnt. i stopped though for my boyfriend and now i dont do so well in school i dont understand.

I have a Q about weed?
This is something we most likely share in common.

If you have even the most minor attention defficiate disorder

then the weed will actually help your mind stop racing in circles and focus on one subject longer. Happens to my cousin too all the time.

My advice is, if you quit voluntarily for your boyfriend then you can always go back and use the remiander of this school year

as an experiment to see if pot really DID help you study.

On the other hand, if he's the judgemental controlling type,

try coffee or just chuggin a mountain dew first before going into class. This is a sorry Plan B, but hey.
Reply:I think if you were doing meth or some nasty *** crap you'd need to quit anyway. I don't smoke it I did when I was younger, but I still think pot is a self medicating drug. I think people that go get those cards to get it legally and don't really need it is B.S. But it has basically been proven it helps cancer patients and others. Why does your boyfriend want you to quit? because he doesn't do it? Too Bad. I quit smoking 11 years ago (cigarettes) my husband still smokes I hate it for his health but hey we didn't get divorced and we've been together 25 years, If you were taking a prescription that helped you concentrate would he make you quit? Obviously pot helped the serotonins in your brain so big a girl and tell him tuff if you want it now %26amp; again you'll do it.
Reply:You will have those who shun the use of it, because they "don't" use it. I think the main reason why it gets so much bad press (besides not being able to find a way to tax it) is that some people use it with other substances. Like they will say that is causes delayed judgment. No it doesn't, but alcohol does. Plus, weed has different effects on people.
Reply:haha , i think you need to dump your boyfriend , weed has different affects on everyone , some people where just born to blaze. I am a black belt in TKD , and body builder , every nite before i go to the gym i blaze up a joint , and go pump mad iron , most people just sleep when they high , and most people dont do well at school when high. we are exceptions , maybe its because we smoked sooooooo much weed , that we became amuine to its negative affects , like red eyes , and getting tired. so just keep blazing, you dont wanna flunk outa school do you? education is imporant so blaze a fatty!p.s you dig my screen name lol. hella people dont get it.
Reply:Believe it or not, my friend did the exact same thing. I don't know why, nor do I condone the use o marijuana. I'm just saying that it's happened before. It must have something to do with brain functions under the influence which aren't active, or at least surpressed while in a sober state of mind. It's also probable that this greatly depends on the person.
Reply:Some effects of weed is that it broadens the mind. I used to smoke then write a paper and it would come out better then if i didn't. It also helped me write more. i also have some friends who have said this is true.

Also, its not that you can't solve problems, it is that it takes a little bit longer. This is because of you concentration. While you think of the question your brain thinks of possibilities of what to do next (including raiding the fridge) or how to solve it. therefore you brainstorm many ideas but this also leads to zoning out.
Reply:I think its good you stoped smoking weed. I only smoked weed twice and I didn't like the idea of doing it anymore because the "high" only lasts for a while then it goes away. You shouldn't smoke weed because it's a illegal drug. You are a smart person and you haven't done enough to unlock the power your bain has. Weed may help a little but in the long run weed is always a bad drug to use.
Reply:A small amount of marijuana can be effective in treating some disorders. That's like two cones a day maximum. (A cone being the pipe being filled with "head"/"buds" and smoking it all - saying this because slang changes nation to nation). An excessive amount of marijuana, however, can actually trigger some mental disorders - so, like everything, in moderation.

It can act as a concentration aid sometimes if you have problems being distracted - it is a depressant so therefore it can also make you less anxious - it does relieve stress. However, if you have a full blown anxiety disorder, it's better to get that treated then self-medicate. If it just cancels out the distractions then it may be effective for you.

Fun fact: drug and alcohol professionals recommend the above dosage for an assistant treatment for schizophrenia!
Reply:you shouldn't stop cuz your boyfriend wants you to. if it helps you, then self-medicate your self. i do everyday with my boyfriend and we get our **** done too. if it makes you lazy, i'd quit. maybe find a boyfriend with your same interests. %26lt;3 blaze on sista!

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