Sunday, May 16, 2010

Question about Stocking Fish???

well as some of you know, I live in North East New Jersey and have been trying to stock my weeded/algaed river with other fish than damn pickerel. I took out about 20 pickerel in my river which has probably an entire football field of water on average at 3 feet deep (although some parts are 5 and 6 feet deep but not many) I stocked over 20 sunnies, 25 bass, about 5 perch, and 5 crappie. Today I went fishing in 2 areas of my backyard (the only 2 non weeded clear areas) and caught 3 crappie, a perch, and a golden shiner. I also saw like 5 sunnies in the deep area around my dock which is a decent sized pond. It seems as though all the fish (or many) have survived but I'm not sure of the bass. I've seen not too many bass around...Maybe they are competing with the Pickerel for food I'm not quite sure. Which fish will do best under weedy and in some parts low oxygenated water, Perch, Sunnies, Crappie, or Large Mouth Bass? I am constantly clearing out my river of logs, sticks, and I'm turnin

Question about Stocking Fish???
From my fishing experience walleye and any panfish love weedy areas. If it is low oxygenated water any warm water fish should do just fine.If the bass are 12 or more than I think it is a competition issue with the pickerel. If they are any less the pickerel could be eating them. It shouldnt be low oxygenated if a river runs through your pond
Reply:whoo-ee! sally don't even know! But good luck wit dat, just don't put nothing like baking sodas in, because that's how I killed my fish.

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