Sunday, May 16, 2010

What does Hives and Shingles look like?

I had a bunch if clear bisters on the inside of my wrist one time. I had been out pulling up weeds and didn't know if it was from that or what it was. Also could it have been shingles? They lasted a few weeks and finally went away.

What does Hives and Shingles look like?
Hives, allergic disorder of the skin, is characterized by sudden evanescent or repeated appearance of weals, irregular, round skin lesions accompanied by inflammation and itching. Technically known as urticaria, they commonly appear on covered areas of the skin, and rarely on the palms, soles, or scalp.

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Shingles is an acute, localized infection caused by the virus, Herpes varicellae, and is characterized by painful blistering eruptions. It is accompanied by localized rash and pain. Sometimes the pain starts before the rash appears. The rash typically lasts 2 - 5 weeks.

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Reply:Shingles occur around the waist, but hives can be all over. Shingles more like a rash; but hives can whelp up.
Reply:They look like chicken pox
Reply:red or swelling areas on your body. itchey, patchey looking

but it sounds more like poision oak.
Reply:it wouldn't be shingles, these usually affect the back and are really itchy
Reply:Hives are an urticarial reaction, caused by histamine in the blood. It sounds like you had a reaction to the weeds you were pulling out. True urticaria only lasts 24 hours in one area, so if the rash was one your wrist and disappeared the next but you had the same rash somewhere else it would be urticaria. This treated with antihistamines and a good non scented moisturiser. Urticaria can last for ages but if on going usually burns out after a few years.

Now if the rash was constantly in the same place for a few weeks without waning it could have been one of 5000 skin conditions.

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