Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Sterlets (Pond Fish) have suddenly died - any ideas?

Does anybody know why?

The pond is clear from blanket weed, and they have been feeding well on a sinking Sterlet food. We have had them a few months, and they were growing well.

We found them both dead yesterday - No wounds or marks on the bodies.

My Sterlets (Pond Fish) have suddenly died - any ideas?
Sounds like they had a virulent fish disease. Or it could have been due to over feeding. It is unwise to feed fish this time of year unless you are using a special formulated winter feed.

You say that your pond is free from blanket weed, but this could also mean that your pond is lacking in oxygen. Do you have a pump working and do you have oxygenating pond weeds to provide sufficient oxygen for the fish. I had the same problem a long time ago and was most upset when I lost some of my fish.

Par of the course in keeping fish. We are learning all the time.
Reply:if there was blanket weed in the pond that could of killed them
Reply:Funny, mine died yesterday too. Again, no outward signs or disease. I am guessing that lack of oxygen in the water (less sun, less plant activity) did it. Could be falling leaves. Anyone else had this problem?
Reply:Suicide pact?

Swim-by shooting?
Reply:have you checked the alkaline levels of the pond. ponds need different care to fish tanks as fallen leaves and rain etc causes problems
Reply:water not treated correctly? something leaked in. If it was both of them then its them not dieing naturally

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