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What is a GREAT trout bait (no fly fishing)?

what is a great trout bait for stocked ponds with clear water with some weeds? thank-you

What is a GREAT trout bait (no fly fishing)?
For hatchery/stocked/planted Trout you'd be best ta' just keep it simple ie., Berkley's Power Bait ~ trust me ;)... Below are links for Cabela's which has an array of it. Good luck and "Trout On" to ya' ;)... %26lt; ' (( ( %26gt; %26lt;

Trout Bait:

Note: To reiterate, keep it simple ~ slpit shot 18-20" above a number 8 or 10 size hook will do the trick (no bobber ~ Power Bait floats). The best way ta' load this type bait is take a small portion out of jar, put it in the palms of your hands and with rotatin' motion form it into a ball, then just push hook into it makin' sure that the entire hook is not exposed.

Colors ~ Think I'd go with either Rainbow or Bubblegum. Might add that Power Bait can be had at Waldmart (probably your best prices) or any Bait %26amp; Tackle Store ;)...
Reply:crickets actually work well for browns...
Reply:Im not huge into fishing for trout but we always caught them on minnows with a hook and float or else if you want to go the artificial route use spoons like castmasters and small daredevils or you could try mepps spinners. Thats what id try. Just keep em outta the weeds cause they arent very weedless.

Good luck and let the big ones go!!!
Reply:Rooster tails are my bait of choice
Reply:For clear water fishing for trout, nothing beats the Panther Martin. Use a gold bladed one if it is bright and sunny outside and switch to a silver/chrome blade for clouds.
Reply:mini-jigs work great for trout, colors such as firecracker and plain white work well jigged on 2#test, but you asked for bait,,,,

an inflated nightcrawler on an 18 inch leader with a barrel swivel and an 1/8 ounce sliding egg sinker will slay 'em, many different power baits and /or crave baits and gravy work great also, rig same as nightcrawler just use a small treble hook, use about a dime size of power bait and roll it to resemble a worm, most times stocked fish will cruise rather close to shore, 20 to 30 feet out is all the farther they will be,,

salmon eggs can be used this way also, but are hard to keep on if you are casting very hard,,,,good luck
Reply:My family uses and believe it or not my mom caught a 20 inch trout on it so we use those.
Reply:Here in Virginia it is berkley Power Bait in Corn Yellow fished on a #6 hook and set just above the bottom with bb shot. Deadly on stocked waters. We limit out on a fresh stocking. I am primary a fly fisherman but will not kill a wild trout. So when I want trout for dinner out comes the ultralight spinner and power bait and off to the stocked streams. Good luck.

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