Sunday, May 16, 2010

What should I do to get rid of my lousy friends?

OK, I'm 22, single, rent a bedsit, live in the UK. I love to play music and can play several musical instruments, I'm even recording my own stuff. I love really dorky stuff like philosophy, religion and art. I'm potential uni material but I went to the wrong kind of college and the wrong type of course, media, pointless because I'd never see myself scraping a living out of it, it was just fun.

(life story continues) Then my parents split up, so I kicked myself out of home, lived in a youth hostel and hung around with the wrong kind of friends, drinking and smoking weed daily. Now I hardly ever see them but one guy rings up almost daily, I usually just ignore him. I really want to make serious changes for myself, and it sounds bigheaded but I'm not an idiot, I actually have a few braincells, I don't have a priviledged background with all-inclusive rent like these guys, basically I'm really fed up with them. What do I do to make it clear to them that fun time is over, see ya later.

What should I do to get rid of my lousy friends?
tell your friends the truth. if they are real good friends they would understand and leave you alone. if you lie it will minus some of the brain cells you already have. lying causes guilt and guilt = you spending more time with them and ruining what you already have planned for yourself.
Reply:you should tell your friends that your moving up in soceity...get a good job, find a strict clean girlfriend that will keep your head above water and move out. Don't let anybody waste your life cause there's only one to use

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