Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some type of plant that causes itching?

My mom was walking in our back yard, trying to clear out some of the weeds and stuff in our woods. (We're trying to clear/everything/out of there.) And she started getting some sort of rash-type looking stuff on her arms. It came in the form of blisters, too. She says it wasn't poison ivy...And I know there's two others. Poison oak and poison sumac. It isn't any of those, and we even researched something called stinging nettle. Does anyone know any other types of plants similar to the ones I described that cause itching,rashes, and other skin irritations?

Some type of plant that causes itching?
Blisters sound like poison oak or sumac or ivy. Prompt medical care is necessary if condition is extensive or near eyes %26amp; mouth.

I never heard of stinging nettle causing blisters. Best way to treat nettles is to scrape skin one way with edge of credit card. No hot it opens pores for deeper penetration.
Reply:Ok: its "Poison Ivy " they can cause an rash also very irrating

itch so incase get some apply

that upon areas as needed! also have"Neosporin" see
Reply:Hi there!

It most probably is stinging nettle, a plant that is most common in backyards. There probably would be a few red bumps where the stinging nettle hit the skin, It only lasts for 5 minutes if left alone. If the stinging lasts longer than 5 minutes then rub with dock leaves.

Hope this helps!
Reply:Sounds like an allergic reaction...she probably got some plant juices on her can be any plant as people can be allergic to anything. Get a tube of Hydrocortisone 1% cream or ointment (non-prescription) and spread a thin layer on the rash twice a day. When she goes back to the woods her skin should be covered and the clothes washed after she comes back

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