Sunday, May 16, 2010

How can i get rid of marijuana traces in my blood/urine?

i am starting to take accutane for clear skin and thwy said i have to come in every 2 months to get blood drawn to make sure everything is going well with my body because it can be a dangerous medicine to some, but if marijuana is smoked in between these two months, how can i be sure it wont show up on their testing. i know that there are ways to decrease the time weed is kept in traces of urine, but is there a way to shorten the amount of time that weed is visible in the bloodstream?? this is my primary concern. what can i do to ensure that i will not have marijuana traces in my blood when i go in next time, or is there nothing i can do to speed up the amount of time its in my blood (i think its like a month). AND PLEASE NO SMARTASS ANSWERS LIKE "JUST DONT SMOKE WEED"

How can i get rid of marijuana traces in my blood/urine?
Dont worry they are checking health. They legally can't test your blood for any drugs without a court order or your permission. Plus, they won't do anything if they did find out. Having traces of marijuana in you blood isn't a crime unless you are on parole.
Reply:lol dont smoke weed... no, but drink water. they cannot do anything with the test even if its positive. it depends how fat you are, since thc is stored in fat cells. but water is the best way. dont take niacin, it can work but it will give you ulcers. learned that by watchin my friend take it for UA's...
Reply:Don't put it there in the first place.
Reply:They will not do a drug screen. They have to ask for permission to do a drug screen. All they are checking is liver and kidney function.

And don't smoke weed. :)
Reply:Well the best answer you are going to get is STOP SMOKING MARIJUANA.

If you like herbs so much, try eating lettuce, celery, chive and the like.

A sensible person with a conscience will not help you with this problem.
Reply:You can wait a month or find a detox kit online
Reply:you might wanna try cranberry juice or warm vinigar
Reply:stop freakin'. They are not looking for maryjane. However, if this drug you are taking is that delicate the THC may interfere with the results and show a problem when there isn't any or hide one that is there. Oh, and smoking puts tars in your system too which your body tries to flush out through your liver-and skin. And tar is greasy dirt. Not good for your complexion.
Reply:As much Cranberry juice as you can handle till then, it should help wash it out of your system the best it can - but of course that is not a guarentee, nothing is for blood checks %26amp; hair checks.

- although I doubt they're going to check for drugs in your body if they are checking your health.
Reply:You are going to need to do two things; A body flush and also a cleansing flush; You can find products to do this at the link below. Good Luck

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