Sunday, May 16, 2010

Help me identify this plant - pictures online?

I made the mistake of direct planting mixed "perennial garden" and "daisy garden" seed packs in an area that I cleared out this winter. (in the future I will start mixed seeds in a controlled environment, for the sake of seedling identification) Most weeds (I think) I have been able to identify, and I am faithfully watering and caring for the remaining plants. However, there is one that I am afraid may be a weed, it's growing fairly large, right now it's about 24". The stem has narrow vertical 'ridges' on it. The leaves are fairly large, and it's just gotten small white flowers. If anyone can help identify this plant, I'd appreciate it!

Plant Image:

Help me identify this plant - pictures online?
I believe it is a weed too.
Reply:Sure looks like a weed. You could take the picture to a nursery; they could tell you what it is.
Reply:It looks like a weed.
Reply:its a weed

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