Sunday, May 16, 2010

What to do to clear this regret ???

This past Saturday was my cousin's weeding, she is not a closed cousin and her parents doesn't have good relatiosnhip with my parents BUT still all the family was going to be there.. So we went (hubby, I %26amp; 3 kids) We had just gotten there %26amp; my hubby told me something that offended me %26amp; got me really mad.SO I decide to leave the party cuz I was uncomfortable. After a big discussion over what he said..I decide to go back alone with my kids but he hide the keys %26amp; couldn't go back. Now I have a regret, yes it was his fault, but mine too. I should of stay at the party have fun and then discuss this back home. But I really got mad and offended that I knew I wasn't going to have any fun at all.. Time can't go back %26amp; now I regret leaving the party where my family was and had fun except us. I'm still mad with my husband but I still have this regret what can I do.I really feel bad %26amp; mad everyone was there except us.. Any advices on what to do or how to release these regret? Thanks in advance

What to do to clear this regret ???
My opinion, it's over and done, let it go. It's not worth being mad at your husband. It isn't the first time he offended you, and it isn't going to be the last time. It's life, it's not anything that you'd leave your marriage for. So just avoid the getting mad stage, when you know you're gonna make up sooner or later. Whenever someone hurts your feelings, try to brush it off, cuz being mad at the person for a while will not solve anything. Hope everything gets better, even tho I know it will.
Reply:well instead of you leaving maybe you should have asked him to leave and you would get a ride home with one of your family members men are not bright about what they say sometimes ... you just have to remember that you and forgive and forget and maybe that is what everyone else will do about you not being at the wedding ... just next time you your head and think before you get all and about something that some says and if it really does not mean anything to you or you can just forget it.
Reply:You have a resentment for your self and your husband. The only way to get rid of resentments is to forgive. First you make the mental decision to forgive, then you pray for the person. You do this every time the resentment comes to your mind. Very soon you will see that the forgiveness has reached your heart and you will stop thinking about it and it will rarely come to mind after. and when it does you remember that you have forgiven and you pray again.

Forgive your self and your husband.
Reply:talk to him about it because its him your really mad at. there will be other times to hang with your family and if he has a problem with it then dont take him.
Reply:Forgiveness is always the best remedy for regret. In the long run, your relationship with your husband is much more important than the people at the party. Keeping it strong should be the #1. Make up with him, forgive him and ask him to forgive you. When your relationship is secure with the hubby, you'll be great to be around and friends will be attracted to you.
Reply:Unfortunately, it sounds like the coping skills are a little off kilter. You may just want to apologize to the relatives for not being able to be there. But whatever you do, do not get into a pattern with your spouse. When you exhibit behavior like that, others may think that you are having an issue with them, when that is not the case at all. But it isn't appropriate to air out your dirty laundry at the same time. Maybe attending some functions without the spouse isn't a bad idea, maybe he would catch on after awhile. Good luck.
Reply:Wow, aren't you childish. You'd rather ruin your cousin's wedding by not participating in it over something stupid your husband said, then be an adult and handle your business privately. Great job there. Bet you set a great example of how to throw a public fit for your kids to follow.
Reply:It may seem horrible to you but it happens. anyone who is married can understand these things occur. just apologize and i am sure they will be understanding and then drop it. i still don't understand why you could not have left the kids at home and taken a cab.
Reply:Time heals all. You have to give it some time and when the time is right talk about it. Don't worry yourself, you can't change the past.

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