Friday, November 13, 2009

Anyone know if you can borrow/hire goats to help clear a garden?

I'm asking this question on behalf of a neighbour who doesn't have access to the Internet. The garden between us is owned by a very old lady and it has fallen into serious overgrowth, parts of it are just brambles. The old lady has said that our neighbour could use the bottom part of her garden for his chickens and ducks and this piece of garden is not so overgrown, just full of weeds but very thick weeds.The top part of the garden is terribly overgrown and there is no access down her path to get a digger or rotovator. He wondered about getting a couple of goats to help clear it, but would not want to keep them indefinitely, has anyone heard of people 'hiring' out their goats to perform this useful service. We live in Gloucester, England.

Anyone know if you can borrow/hire goats to help clear a garden?
At the moment you would not be allowed to move goats from one field to another. This is because of the Foot %26amp; Mouth restrictions.
Reply:i dont think for 0ne min u are gona get a goat or two for hire .i would try round up it kills everything i just got an old allotment in same condition brambles nettles every veg u could grow its killed the lot rite back then just digg over. good luck
Reply:Why don't you try from a live-stock farm nearby where the culled goats may be available for short period.
Reply:I'm sure you could, however, you would have to know if the type of "weeds" in the garden are safe for a goat to eat... there are weeds out there that can be poisonous...

I would ask around and see if anyone knows of someone willing to lend a hand...(a local feed store may be your best bet)

Good luck to you-I hope you find a solution!!
Reply:have you tried asking at a local farm? sorry, that's all i could think of.
Reply:In Northern California there is a company called Goats-R-Us that rents out the animals for this. They are used to create firebreaks. I know this doesn't help you in England, but at least you know it's possible! If you have a garden center or a livestock feed store nearby, ask an employee. Or put an ad out in your local newspaper. Someone will help you out! But remember your foot %26amp; mouth situation.
Reply:why hire just go buy a pair fatten them up on the weeds then take them to the auction and get more back than you paid
Reply:As long as it's legal for you to have livestock on your property, goats are an excellent way to eliminate weeds. In fact several states use goats to clear brush along highways. Just be aware that goats can't distinguish between weeds and any landscape plants you want to keep. To them it's all one giany all-you-can-eat buffet.
Reply:What a novel and applaudably ecological approach to garden clearing. Unfortunately I can't help you, but I hope you find some goats, I like the idea so much! I'm giving you a star to make up for my shortage of goats! :-)

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