Friday, November 13, 2009

How can you clear marijuana out of your system?

A friend of mine, not a regular weed smoker, smoked a joint last week and has to take a drug test in a few days. What can she take to "get clean" by the time she has to pee? She has smoked in the past also but not regularly.

How can you clear marijuana out of your system?
It all depends on the person's body fat and rate of metabolism, as well as how often the person does it. I know a friend who smokes like crazy, but is a marathon runner, and triathelete. The substance stays in him for a week, tops. It's different for different people. So just remember those factors whenever you smoke, or your friend smokes, in case of drug testing.

As for your friend, if she has been clean for about a week, then I say she's fine. You mention she's smoked in the past but not often, so that's a good sign she'll past. Drink PLENTY water, and try to sweat alot. Have her exercise to sweat out the toxins.

If she's really worried, you can always use over the counter drugs to "flush" out your system. I think they're anti-oxidant drinks, or something to that effect that flushes and cleans out your whole system, but taste nasty as ****. So it's up to you. From what I'm sensing, she's fine.

Final thoughts, how long the substance stays in you is determined by how often you do it, and how fast your metabolism in relation to your body fat is. Drink plenty water, sweat it out, keep clean, and if all else use "flush" medicines to clean out your system. Hope that helps.

Good luck with your friend too.
Reply:This sounds dumb but it works. Drink those lemonade crystal light things that you dissolve in water. drink alot and you will be clean.
Reply:very simply do not smoke it ever!! some people will say pot is a herb or a leaf,they are liars and only fooling themselves!!!

it is an illegal narcotic and greatly impairs the person who smokes it ,their brain functions,timing and perception and motor skills,it acts as a depressant and destroys brain cells.if you smoke while pregnant there is a high risk to the unborn baby for both physical and mental retardation.just don't do it!!!

it is not worth it!!! remember there are no victimless crimes--- one way or another we all pay for it!
Reply:gallons of water i mean alot ohh yea vineger helps too.
Reply:Lots of water and Niacin.
Reply:dont smoke it

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