Friday, November 13, 2009

How long does it take to clear your system?


2cb, Weed and XTC

was a hell of a party!!

..but 2cb was a week before

Im getting a blood test and probably a physical in a couple of weeks for this new company i applied at.

Was wondering how long it takes and what should i do to clean my body.

I don’t usually take drugs, but I was curious I guess


How long does it take to clear your system?
I've taken that del sol stuff, hell yeah! it works..but the drink is best..but in your case I would reccomend 2 bottles and the bath!! ur soo crazy!!..good luck!!..follow up with a in home drug test..just a few hours before your drug test..just to make sure..but if your getting swabbed..your pretty much screwed..

check out this site for some detox options to suit your needs

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Reply:you could go to and order the Therma Del Sol Detoxifying bath soak which detoxifies your whole body. It is Pharmaceutical. So it works
Reply:if you're doing a urine sample, don't drink tons of water it only dilutes the urine and they will either fail you or make you take it again

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