Friday, November 13, 2009

How long does it take weed to leave your system?

how long before weed leaves your system and you can clear a drug test after smoking?

and are cigarillos and cigars bad for you?

How long does it take weed to leave your system?
im tired of people asking this when you ask a question you can see if someone has asked it.

if you are not overweight ( since thc is stored in fat cells) and you drink 8 glasses of water a day it will take thirty days. if anyone tells you to get those cleansers...dont do it. now adays labs can test for the chemical found in those cleansers.
Reply:It takes around 40 days.
Reply:I heard it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month for weed to leave your system. There are some kinds of herbs you can use like golden seal to clean it out of your system, and some head shops sell some herbs that are supposed to help, but if you are too clean, you can look suspicious as well.

Anything you smoke is bad for you. It gets into your lungs and basically destorys them.
Reply:It takes about a month to get the THC out of your system. Inhaling anything is not healthy, but puffing on a cigar and not inhaling is probably the least of the evils.
Reply:SMOKING ANYTHING IS BAD FOR U!! Even salad greens. My friends dad smokes a 5 pound bag of spinach every day.
Reply:This takes 25-32 day for an average person. On the other hand if you are skinny then it will take anywhere from 34-39 but 40 at the most. If you are overweight then it will take only 22-28. I personally never smoked weed but i just got done learning it in 8th grade health.

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