Friday, November 13, 2009

Garden weed- Will RoundUp kill it effectively?

What I have is a nightmare of Multiflora Rose, pretty well established in our back yard which is largely taken over by scrub trees. Clearing the land is slow going because of the weed Multiflora other than cutting and re-cutting, will RoundUp kill this stuff off?

Should I spend the money? There's a ton of this weed, and I think it will take a lot of any spray to wipe it out.

Garden weed- Will RoundUp kill it effectively?
I only had one plant and it took about 4 years to get rid of it by digging it up and using RoundUp.
Reply:Type in "herbicide to control multiflora rose" in a search engine and there's an article by the University of West Virginia. it gives you a number of chemicals to use based on the type of application. Foliar (spraying the leaves until they are wet) gets the most chemical to the plant and they suggest Round-Up. Check out the article.

Depending on how much backyard you have and how bad the invasion is will dictate how much herbicide you'll need. If you need a large quantity, find a chemical dealer or a farm and fleet and buy the 1/2 or a gallon size. Keep in mind that you may have to re-apply in seven to ten days depending on how well they were knocked down on first try. Remember that Round Up is a contact kill and it will most likely knock down some turf as well. Hope this helps.
Reply:is it a shrub, or a weed, Round up kills all green leafy plants, it doesnt work very good on shrubs, check with your nursery they can recommend something.
Reply:If it is a leafy plant the Round Up will kill it. If it is a vine, it is a more "woody" plant. Vines - like ivy, only die when sprayed with a bush killer. I used "Bush-be-gone" and voila, no more ivy.

Check with a nursery or google the plant and see what you get.

Good luck and happy gardening.
Reply:A local feed store or farm supply store will advise you. They may have a product that works better than Roundup. I suspect that another product recommended for woody plants will work better.

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