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How long will it take for weed to get out of my system?

I smoked a few hits of M.J fri night. The next day I found out I have to go in for a drug test sometime next week for my new job. I am by no means a stoner, I will take a few hits every so often. I think the last time I did it before this was in march and it was only like a hit or two. Well I have been drinking water/cranberry juice like crazy, I also am on this dietary detox thing (I started it before I even applied for the job) and it is supposed to clear my system of any toxins. I also am taking goldseal and I even tried that pickle juice thing. I have a pretty fast metabolism. I think I should be clean by a week, but does anyone know how long it should take to pass through, taking all the above into consideration. I dont really want to splurge for a $40 drink unless I really need too. Im gonna take a home test in a few days to see if its out. But yeah...does anyone have any ideas on how long it should take to get out. I get so many diffrent answers I dont know what to believe!

How long will it take for weed to get out of my system?
I heard marijuana can stay from 2 days to 11 weeks in our system. Lots of Water is a great think if you are trying to flush the toxins out. Aloe Vera along with grapefruit, Liquid Chlorophyll or Chlorophyll Capsules are great cleansers.

I would avoid any other types of toxins found in processed foods, stop smoking (regular cigarettes if I smoke), until the test is over.

The website below advertises a Fast THC Marijuana Detox Kit. I have no idea if this is worth anything, the quality of the product, possible side effects. Also, I would be very cautious if I decided to go that route. good luck.

PS. Well, it looks like people who answered had already an idea regarding these miracle products. I guess you can scratch this option. stay with the water and the herbs recognized as great cleansers.
Reply:Do not waste your money on any product that promises to "clean out" your system. There is absolutely NO WAY to fool a drug test. No supplements, vitamins, herbs, drugs of any kind, vinegar, pickle juice.......nothing. It takes at least 10 days for it to get out of your urine. If they take a hair follicle, that can test positive for 6 months.

Believe me. I have seen people try everything and it never, ever works.
Reply:If you are a casual user, 10 days is plenty to get rid of it in your urine. Unfortuately, if they take hair it's in there forever, it never goes away.

Drink plenty of oj, seriously the high acid wil help.

good luck, dont sweat it, you'll be fine and stop all that junk!
Reply:All of the stuff that claims to clean your system is bull, so save your money. If you are doing a urine test, it may not show up since you took only a few hits. If it is a hair folicle test, it can detect anything you have had in your system for the past year. Years ago I passed a drug screen by simply being honest and telling the testor that I smoked weed. He thanked me for my honesty and passed me.
Reply:Nice going, toker. Looks like that's another job in which you'll be passed over...



I stopped smoking for ONE DAY, and used q-carbo

theres a drink sold in health food stores. it costs 22$. its called Q-Carbo. You can find it online too. I'm a hardcore stoner. I smoke appx. 2 bowls a day if not more, what can i say, i just love weed. the drink seriously works, but its temporary...its jam packed with 1,200% of your daily B2 vitamin. It speeds your metabolism and keeps your urine yellow, so there is no cause for a re-test. You drink the stuff, and follow it up with NO excessive movement. Along with the metabolism it speeds your heartrate, needless to say dont follow it up with an energy drink. you pretty much sit on the couch and have to drink AS MUCH WATER AS POSSIBLE, to the point where you cannot drink any more... once you go to the bathroom 4 times, or until your urine doesnt look the normal color, like clear with a wierd tinge of yellow, you go and take your test. once the drink kicks in you will have to go to the bathroom at least every 15 minutes. after you take the drink, you must take the test between 2 and 6 hours. i wasn't sure the first time i did it, but i've used it three times now, and i fully guarantee it to work, i swear by it....ALSO....there is a 100% refund, you only need to keep the reciept and the bottle, there is a number to call on the bottle. this is assuming it doesnt work for you, but i guarantee you, on my job and yours this WILL work.


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