Friday, November 13, 2009

What are some side effects i should look for if i smoke a little bit of weed for the first time ever??

Ok, ive never smoked ever in my life, but i do kind of want to try a little bit of weed just to see how it feels to be high and to see how i would react. I dont want it to be a habit, i just want to try this one and only time, but im not clear on what are some possible side effects, besides the munchies, on a first timer's first hit. so can some one help me out please...thankz

What are some side effects i should look for if i smoke a little bit of weed for the first time ever??
u wont really be able to tell ur high at first...u probly will laugh a bit more...the main thing is that u like forget wut u said like 2 seconds ago...i did lots for my first time n when i stopped i was pissed at mite make u go mad a bit...but nuthin is really bad...ull have sum good fun
Reply:It is my opinion that everybody should try weed at some point in their lifetime. When you smoke weed, the effect depends on the type of strain you have. It can either give you a nice energetic cerebral "high", or a full-body "couch-lock" stone; essentially either up or down. There is also a related saying: "When your mouth is dry, you know you're high." You basically get a dry mouth. Additionally, weed is not addictive, unless you let yourself get addicted. I also believe people should not be afraid of weed, as it's not really a drug. It's the same as tobacco, except it doesn't kill you; it's a plant, plain and simple. Show me a fat dude high on weed with a bag of marshmallows on his lap, watching cartoons at 3 am, I'll show you someone who isn't causing any trouble. I realize I rambled quite a bit here, but I hope I helped.
Reply:You may become flabbergasted or just plain gasted or maybe flabbered.
Reply:I wouldn't suggest it, i personaly, not into drugs, but kids at my school that i've seen, it has affected their growth and the way they act. I highly suggest you do not try it. In some states the banned it for a reason. If its peer preasure bothering you just tell your friends you don't want too. Please don't get into this stuff, its not something you want to do with your life. Besides if you do get caught into any of the police stuff it could affect the rest of your life and be on your records. Companies wont even want to hire you. So please don't!
Reply:Cotton mouth. Not everyone gets it. I didn't get it the first time I smoked, but some people do. It feels pretty much like you'd imagine.
Reply:alot of people dont even get high or feel anything the first time they try pot.......i remeber the first time i and about 3 other pple smoked probably 3 to 4 joints and i wasnt even high...couldnt even tell i had done on your first try you might not be able to tell how you will react.....i have also talked to other people who experienced the same thing as me....but everyone is different
Reply:Euphoria is the first side effect. Paranoia is the next side effect. Addiction is the last side effect. Depletion of all your extra cash is the final side effect.
Reply:There is no way to describe it.
Reply:The main side effect is you begin growing hair on your palms and soles of your feets

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